Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sundays and headaches

Today was a strange day. Good, but strange. I did wake up at 5 instead of 6. Not because I didn't set my clocks back, but because my cell phone (which I use for my alarm) didn't change over to the new time. It felt so good to turn the alarm off and sleep for another hour! Ah, the joy. Then I got up, got ready for church, and headed off for another Sunday of KidRidge fun. I usually cover the 9 am service and attend the 11 am one with Randy. Well, we had an abundance of kiddos today. After having less than normal attendance the past few weeks, today we had 62 kids in the 9 am service! We normally average about 45 to 50. So Jami and I did extra duty in the nursery since one volunteer didn't show. Fun times. Then the 11 am service rolled around. 4 of my volunteers didn't show! Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, and thankfully attendance was down for the 11 am service. So I did nursery duty again. After 2 naps, 1 bottle, several animal crackers, 5 book readings, and diaper duty, all were picked up by their parents. And thankfully all were happy when they left. Oh, and I left out that during all of this I had the beginnings of a major headache. I can say it wasn't brought on by the kids, they were as sweet as ever, I think it was sinuses to blame. We headed home, Randy picked up Freebirds for lunch (thanks honey!), and I crashed after taking migraine meds. An hour later, the headache was still there and wasn't getting better. I tried Motrin - nothing. Finally, I asked Randy to go get some Excedrin to see if that would help. It did! By about 5 today the headache was gone. Days like this make me glad they don't happen everyday. I can handle them every once in a while. So now I'm headed to a friend's house to work on designing her Christmas cards and to watch the Unit later on. Our husbands are at a movie, so we are taking advantage of the time to work on digital scrapbooking. So I know this was a random post, but today was a random day. Hope you have a great evening! Stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

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