Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby #3 - all the details and such

It's official. The Harrelson family is growing by two feet. Yep, our family of four is about to become a party of five. Baby #3 is due July 24, 2015.

We found out I was pregnant in the middle of November. We were a bit surprised but so excited. We decided to wait to and tell our families in person over Thanksgiving. We ended up going to the Ice exhibit at the Gaylord with my parents and I decided to dress the girls in Big Sis shirts. I thought that if they noticed Claire having a Big Sis shirt on they would wonder what was up. :) Well they almost never noticed. We finally pointed it out and they were so surprised! It was a fun day.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tyler with Randy's family. I decided to try the same method and dress the girls in Big Sis shirts again. I should have known. :) I ended up having Claire tell Sonia that she was going to be a big sister. She was definitely surprised! We called Randy's dad and told them the news and everyone was excited.

I had my first appointment with my new midwives on December 16th. We were able to get a quick sonogram and see our little blessing moving around. The heartbeat was strong and my levels were good.

The first trimester was pretty normal for me. I had a queasiness that lasted most of the day and normal pregnancy exhaustion. The tiredness seemed to be more than in my other two pregnancies but then again I have two little girls to chase around now. :) The queasiness ended for the most part around Christmas. It still comes occasionally but nothing that is unbearable. The tiredness has gotten better too.

I am currently 16.5 weeks and feeling good. I've had two more appointments and hearing the heartbeat each time is just amazing. It is something that I won't ever take for granted again. I am looking forward to feeling the baby move soon. I think I may have felt something this past week but nothing consistent.

So what do the girls think? They are excited about getting a baby sister/brother. Claire is convinced she is getting a baby sister and no amount of talking can convince her otherwise. Avery wants a sister but tells us we just have to wait and see what God gives us. They are so funny about it.

The big sisters

16 weeks

16 weeks with Avery, Claire and Baby #3