Thursday, April 23, 2009

And we're off!! (well almost)

So I didn't get around to blogging again about my trip to Boston. The short version of it is I was in meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday, got to go eat downtown in Boston, almost missed my flight because of pouring rain (& something else I'll discuss later). But I'm home and so glad. I worked all day today from home, with lots of plans to get our stuff ready for our trip this weekend. Didn't happen. My boss called about lunch time with a project that was labeled URGENT. So I worked on it the rest of the day and did all my errands tonight. Yeah, we aren't packed, don't have all our groceries yet, and I'm blogging. :) I needed a break from things I "have" to do. I'm so looking forward to this weekend away. We really need a break from work and the busyness of life. So here's me signing off for a week(end). I love you all and hopefully will have time to catch up on blogging when we get back. Good night!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not in Texas anymore!

I'm sitting here in Boston checking email, thinking it's only 9 at home and 10 here. If you didn't already know - I came to Boston today for work. I'm here until Wednesday night. So far the trip has been fine. I am super tired (from getting up at 4 this morning) and so ready for bed. If you think about me in the next 2 days, say a prayer if you don't mind. We're working on the integration of our division with our new company.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow night to post about the Jeremy Camp concert, my birthday and Easter. Lots has happened. I've just been too tired to blog at night. ;)