Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pictures so far for Baby #3

Had to document this because I didn't believe my eyes. :)

Our first look at #3

Big sisters sharing our news. 

From our sonogram at 19.5 weeks. We found out she is a girl!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby #3 update

Lots has happened since February. Well it seems like it anyways. :) We found out at the end of February that #3 is a GIRL!! That's right, we are having another little girl.  Randy was sure it was another girl, but I wasn't convinced. So many things had been different this time around. Headaches, the queasiness, the tiredness, just differences in lots of things. We went into the sonogram with split opinions. The sonographer checked several times though and she seemed sure it was a girl. :)

We are excited yes. We know girls. We have girl clothes of all sizes and seasons. The girls are thrilled! Claire has insisted from the beginning that she was getting a little sister. We tried and tried to prepare her just in case it was a boy. She wouldn't have it. Avery just said "we have to wait and see what God gives us." But she is excited too.

Some dear friends threw us a Reveal Party after our sono. I decided to let me and Randy find out at the sonogram the gender and us use the party to tell the girls and our families and friends. I am not one for public surprises. The party was at the Segler's home and Brenda had filled a big barrel with the appropriate color balloons. We all opened it with the girls help and they were so excited to see pink.  Randy's reaction was priceless. We both already knew but the way he acted you would have thought he was genuinely surprised. It was such a fun time with our family and friends. 

I am using the UNT Midwives this time around for prenatal care due to our insurance. While I do miss Lisa, my midwife with Claire, having midwives again has been nice. They do a program called Centering for prenatal visits. Basically a group of ladies all due the same month you are meet together once a month to discuss certain topics and get our prenatal check ups. The appointments are a lot longer but more info is discussed and you get to know others due at the same time you are. 

My last appointment was at 24 weeks. The midwife measured me and I was measuring 29 cm. You are supposed to measure 1 cm for each week. Give or take 1-2 weeks. 29 - 24 = 5 weeks difference! 😳 the midwife thinks it might just be a growth spurt or increase of amniotic fluid. We are planning to recheck at my next appointment and see if it levels out. I'm hoping it doesn't mean a big baby. But we shall see!