Thursday, November 6, 2014

My new venture - Banner Over Me Shop

Several years ago for Christmas, Randy bought me a Cricut machine. He braved Black Friday and found a really good deal on it and was so excited to give it to me. I honestly had only used it a few times until we had kids. Then suddenly I could make cute decorations for their parties easily. And I enjoyed it. 

Fast forward to last January. A friend of mine posted on Facebook asking if anyone could make decorations for her daughter's upcoming 1st birthday. She had found what she wanted on Etsy, but it was way more than she wanted to spend. I replied that I would love to try. This was the cute set I made for sweet K. So fun! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

From there, I had the thought that maybe I should try to start a business out of this. I dismissed it, as I already had enough on my plate. :) But the idea lingered. So I talked to Randy about it and he was on board completely. I took a leap of faith and started "Banner Over Me Shop" on Etsy and Facebook.

Why Banner Over Me? I've always loved this verse and remember loving the song as a child. When you think about God loving us so much that he rejoices over us like a bridegroom planning a feast/party for his bride, you get just a glimpse of the depth of his love. Banner Over Me reminds me that my Savior loves me and is crazy for me. His love never changes, never fades, never lets go.

So if you ever need a cute banner for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, shower, or just to add decor to your home, please check out my shop. I'd love to custom design something just for you.


We don't celebrate Halloween in the sense of the dark, scary side of the holiday. My girls honestly think it is just a day to dress up in their current favorite character and go have fun with friends. And I am totally ok with that. As a Christian, I believe Christ has overcome death and hell and see no reason to celebrate that side of the holiday. 

 Avery dressed up as Bat Girl this year and Claire was Rapunzel from Tangled. Our church has a great outreach plan during the month of October. They ask all the Community Groups to plan and host block parties in the neighborhoods around our community. It is the one night of the year people willingly come to your home and knock on your door. Why not share the light of Jesus when you hand out M&M's? This year my Community Group partnered with another group to help some friends of ours put on a Fall Carnival and Cookout at their apartment community. It was a lot of fun!