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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!

Has it really been 6+ months since I visited our blog? It has and I'm ashamed to say when I started this blog I never intended for it to sit silent for so long. But life has happened and instead of trying to cover what I missed, I'm starting from now. I have a few fun posts coming up, a giveaway, news about my new banner business, and an update on the girls. I hope I still have a few readers out there. Leave me a comment to let me know you are still there!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is spring here yet?

This has been one of the most up and down winters we have had in a while. It can be freezing one day and 80 degrees the next. I love winter, I do. But I am ready for spring. :)

So what have we been up to lately? Play dates, sleeping in, lazy mornings, making donuts. You know, the usual.

I found Avery sleeping like this the other day.

We had a breakfast play date with Zoe and Sydney on Friday. It was our first time to go to McDonald's since Avery was born. I do have to say I know now why its a favorite kid place. The play area was awesome! And the tables were set up around it so us moms could be near them while they were playing.

All four sitting and eating (this didn't last long!).

Saturday morning donuts sounded like a good idea. So we made biscuit donuts. Just a can of grand biscuts, rolled out a bit, with a hole cut in the center. Then brush with butter or oil on both sides. Bake for 15 mins at 375 degrees. From here it is up to you. The recipe I found said to dip in a sugar cinnamon mixture before baking. My girls love icing and sprinkles so I made a simple powdered sugar icing and used our Valentine sprinkles.  I think they liked them!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dallas Zoo Day

My parents came down a few weekends ago to see the girls (and Randy and I). We got to spend all day Saturday and Sunday with them. Sunday I had the idea of going to the Dallas Zoo. They have $5 tickets for the months of January and February.   

So we loaded up complete with a picnic lunch and headed east. As we are pulling in the parking lot I realized I forgot the stroller. Oops! And everyone on the east side of DFW had the same idea. The zoo parking lot was packed! We unloaded and headed in the zoo. All the strollers to rent were gone too. But that didn't stop our fun. We saw penguins, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras, deer, lions, warthogs, gorillas, birds, tigers and more!  It was such a fun day. The girls loved it and loved having Nonna and Poppa there too. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date

Tonight the girls and Randy had a daddy-daughter date with some friends from church. I didn't get any pics from the actual date but snapped these on their way to the car. 

I am so blessed. They think the world of their daddy and he loves them tremendously. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interview with Avery Marie

Every night Randy and I take turns putting Avery and Claire in bed. Tonight was my night with Avery. I decided to interview her. Here goes:

Avery Marie, 3.75 yrs old
Favorite color: rainbow (meaning she likes all of them I think.)

Favorite food: cake and cupcakes

Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me

Favorite place to go: Chick Fil A

Best Friend: Zoe

Favorite toy: my kitchen

Favorite thing to do with Claire: color, draw, play play dough

Favorite thing to do with Mommy: load the dishwasher (I must be boring! Ha!)

Favorite thing to do with Daddy: go get donuts at Kroger

Favorite store: Target

Favorite thing to do at Nonna and Poppa's: play on the swing set

Favorite thing to do at Mim and Papa's: play hide & seek

Favorite thing to do when Grandpa and Nana come to visit: build a fort

Favorite tv show: Dora

Favorite part of gymnastics class: the trampoline

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2013 Recap

Has it really been that long since I blogged? :) Let's just say life has gone 90 miles an hour and hasn't really slowed down. Here's my recap of 2013 (as much as I can remember). So buckle up and hang on.

At the beginning of 2013, Randy was working for Grand Homes as a builder. I was enjoying being a stay at home mommy. I started attending a new MOPS group and was helping with the women's ministry at church. The girls and I stayed busy having fun at home, play dates with friends and some fun field trips.

Avery turned 3 in May. Her vocabulary really started to grow and she entered the "why?' phase. "Cause why, mommy?" "Why's that, mommy?" I know I am paying for my raisings. My parents love to tell stories of how I used to be 20 questions when I was her age. lol! She has been potty trained since last fall and has done really well with it. Now we just have to work on the thumb. She still prefers her thumb at night, when shy or tired. She loves coloring, playing babies with Claire, playing dress up with her princess dresses, putting puzzles together, reading her books, and having playdates with her friends. She is a total Daddy's girl, but gives Mommy special cuddles in the mornings. :) We spent our summer days at the splash pad, the pool with friends, going to the movies with her BFF Zoe and playing with Claire. 

Claire turned 1 in December.  She started walking right after Thanksgiving and hasn't stopped since. She has one speed - fast. She is a total Mommy/Daddy's girl. Meaning if its just Mommy home, she is attached to my hip. If Daddy is home, she's his. She does everything to the fullest. She gives the best lovins' and throws the best fits. She loves her big sister and tries to do everything Avery does. Even if she isn't big enough yet. :) She enjoyed spending the summer in the pool with her BFF Sydney and trying to keep up with the big girls. She does talk, surprisingly more than I thought she would since Avery is always talking for her.

Randy started a new job with John Houston Custom Homes in June. He is a builder with them and is loving his new job and responsibilities. He is based in Burleson.  Before this new job opportunity, he had been with Grand Homes for 3 years. Its weird to blog about but he was unemployed for 7 weeks. 7 weeks we never thought we would ever experience. Those 7 weeks were a blessing in disguise. 7 weeks of learning to trust completely in a new way on God. For everything.

I started working out and running during the summer. A dear friend, Tanna, does a boot camp each summer. I haven't been able to make any of them in the past years because I was either working, pregnant, or had a newborn. This year I got to go! It was so out of my comfort zone but I loved it and am so thankful for it. Let's just say after turning 30 I can tell my metabolism isn't what it was 5 years ago. Plus having the encouragement and motivation from friends makes all the difference. The bootcamp girls decided to do the Jailbreak Run together in September. Basically it is a 5k with obstacles. Like I said before, out of my comfort zone, but I signed up. And it was so worth it! To get ready I started doing the Couch to 5k training program. 2 weeks after I started running, Randy decided to join me. :) Its so much better running with someone than alone. We actually started to enjoy it. It was a fun family thing to do together. We would take turns pushing the girls in our double stroller.

When school started, I started keeping a friend's little boy, Keaton. He and Avery are the same age so it was fun to have a boy around. He loves our girls and they love him too. Our days were full with chiropractor visits, MOPS meetings, picking Keaton up from school, play dates, and gymnastics. We signed Avery up for gymnastics in September. If you have ever seen her play around, you might notice how limber she is. We literally can fold her up in half! So we enrolled her and she loves it! She's the smallest one in her class. But she keeps up!

We got a big surprise in October. We found out I was pregnant! A surprise, but totally welcomed. We were nervous, excited, scared, and thankful all at the same time. We told our family and close friends and decided to wait until Thanksgiving to tell our extended family and everyone else. I can't tell you how nervous, yet excited I was. We planned a fun photo shoot with our dear Tiffany to take family pictures and some cute announcement ones. Everything was going well. I couldn't see the midwife until after 10 weeks. Randy and I had signed up to run a 5k the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We ran well. That night I woke up and realized I was spotting. Nothing to be worried about. I figured I had just overdone it. I took it easy all day Sunday but it didn't stop. I was able to get an appointment with our midwives on Monday. We went in for a sonogram and then to see the midwife. She didn't have good news. Our precious baby didn't have a heartbeat. We were heartbroken. I felt guilty. Had I caused it? Did I over do it with training/running? Our midwife assured me it wasn't anything I had done. That I was doing what I was supposed to - staying healthy and active. In spite of our sad hearts, we knew God had a plan and purpose for our precious babe. We didn't get to meet him/her on this side of life, but we know we will in heaven. Our family and friends surrounded us with love and support in the following weeks. Bringing meals, letting our girls come over so I could rest, checking on us daily, praying for us and just loving us as we healed. Just like we wouldn't have chosen unemployment, we wouldn't have chosen to lose our baby. But in spite of the hurt we felt, we know God is in control and we trust his plan.

We wrapped up 2013 celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Our girls are so blessed to have three sets of grandparents, several aunts and uncles and many friends who love them dearly. They had a wonderful Christmas. We did too. We ended the year feeling thankful for all the blessings from the year.

Thank you for sticking with my recap to the end.

These two songs capture my thoughts for 2013. I hope you are blessed by them. 
Blessings by Laura Story
I am by Crowder

Valentine's Play Date with Friends

We had a fun play date with friends today. It was a fun morning of cookie decorating, Valentines creating, and photo booth picture taking.