Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pictures so far for Baby #3

Had to document this because I didn't believe my eyes. :)

Our first look at #3

Big sisters sharing our news. 

From our sonogram at 19.5 weeks. We found out she is a girl!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby #3 update

Lots has happened since February. Well it seems like it anyways. :) We found out at the end of February that #3 is a GIRL!! That's right, we are having another little girl.  Randy was sure it was another girl, but I wasn't convinced. So many things had been different this time around. Headaches, the queasiness, the tiredness, just differences in lots of things. We went into the sonogram with split opinions. The sonographer checked several times though and she seemed sure it was a girl. :)

We are excited yes. We know girls. We have girl clothes of all sizes and seasons. The girls are thrilled! Claire has insisted from the beginning that she was getting a little sister. We tried and tried to prepare her just in case it was a boy. She wouldn't have it. Avery just said "we have to wait and see what God gives us." But she is excited too.

Some dear friends threw us a Reveal Party after our sono. I decided to let me and Randy find out at the sonogram the gender and us use the party to tell the girls and our families and friends. I am not one for public surprises. The party was at the Segler's home and Brenda had filled a big barrel with the appropriate color balloons. We all opened it with the girls help and they were so excited to see pink.  Randy's reaction was priceless. We both already knew but the way he acted you would have thought he was genuinely surprised. It was such a fun time with our family and friends. 

I am using the UNT Midwives this time around for prenatal care due to our insurance. While I do miss Lisa, my midwife with Claire, having midwives again has been nice. They do a program called Centering for prenatal visits. Basically a group of ladies all due the same month you are meet together once a month to discuss certain topics and get our prenatal check ups. The appointments are a lot longer but more info is discussed and you get to know others due at the same time you are. 

My last appointment was at 24 weeks. The midwife measured me and I was measuring 29 cm. You are supposed to measure 1 cm for each week. Give or take 1-2 weeks. 29 - 24 = 5 weeks difference! �� the midwife thinks it might just be a growth spurt or increase of amniotic fluid. We are planning to recheck at my next appointment and see if it levels out. I'm hoping it doesn't mean a big baby. But we shall see!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby #3 - all the details and such

It's official. The Harrelson family is growing by two feet. Yep, our family of four is about to become a party of five. Baby #3 is due July 24, 2015.

We found out I was pregnant in the middle of November. We were a bit surprised but so excited. We decided to wait to and tell our families in person over Thanksgiving. We ended up going to the Ice exhibit at the Gaylord with my parents and I decided to dress the girls in Big Sis shirts. I thought that if they noticed Claire having a Big Sis shirt on they would wonder what was up. :) Well they almost never noticed. We finally pointed it out and they were so surprised! It was a fun day.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tyler with Randy's family. I decided to try the same method and dress the girls in Big Sis shirts again. I should have known. :) I ended up having Claire tell Sonia that she was going to be a big sister. She was definitely surprised! We called Randy's dad and told them the news and everyone was excited.

I had my first appointment with my new midwives on December 16th. We were able to get a quick sonogram and see our little blessing moving around. The heartbeat was strong and my levels were good.

The first trimester was pretty normal for me. I had a queasiness that lasted most of the day and normal pregnancy exhaustion. The tiredness seemed to be more than in my other two pregnancies but then again I have two little girls to chase around now. :) The queasiness ended for the most part around Christmas. It still comes occasionally but nothing that is unbearable. The tiredness has gotten better too.

I am currently 16.5 weeks and feeling good. I've had two more appointments and hearing the heartbeat each time is just amazing. It is something that I won't ever take for granted again. I am looking forward to feeling the baby move soon. I think I may have felt something this past week but nothing consistent.

So what do the girls think? They are excited about getting a baby sister/brother. Claire is convinced she is getting a baby sister and no amount of talking can convince her otherwise. Avery wants a sister but tells us we just have to wait and see what God gives us. They are so funny about it.

The big sisters

16 weeks

16 weeks with Avery, Claire and Baby #3

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My new venture - Banner Over Me Shop

Several years ago for Christmas, Randy bought me a Cricut machine. He braved Black Friday and found a really good deal on it and was so excited to give it to me. I honestly had only used it a few times until we had kids. Then suddenly I could make cute decorations for their parties easily. And I enjoyed it. 

Fast forward to last January. A friend of mine posted on Facebook asking if anyone could make decorations for her daughter's upcoming 1st birthday. She had found what she wanted on Etsy, but it was way more than she wanted to spend. I replied that I would love to try. This was the cute set I made for sweet K. So fun! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

From there, I had the thought that maybe I should try to start a business out of this. I dismissed it, as I already had enough on my plate. :) But the idea lingered. So I talked to Randy about it and he was on board completely. I took a leap of faith and started "Banner Over Me Shop" on Etsy and Facebook.

Why Banner Over Me? I've always loved this verse and remember loving the song as a child. When you think about God loving us so much that he rejoices over us like a bridegroom planning a feast/party for his bride, you get just a glimpse of the depth of his love. Banner Over Me reminds me that my Savior loves me and is crazy for me. His love never changes, never fades, never lets go.

So if you ever need a cute banner for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, shower, or just to add decor to your home, please check out my shop. I'd love to custom design something just for you.


We don't celebrate Halloween in the sense of the dark, scary side of the holiday. My girls honestly think it is just a day to dress up in their current favorite character and go have fun with friends. And I am totally ok with that. As a Christian, I believe Christ has overcome death and hell and see no reason to celebrate that side of the holiday. 

 Avery dressed up as Bat Girl this year and Claire was Rapunzel from Tangled. Our church has a great outreach plan during the month of October. They ask all the Community Groups to plan and host block parties in the neighborhoods around our community. It is the one night of the year people willingly come to your home and knock on your door. Why not share the light of Jesus when you hand out M&M's? This year my Community Group partnered with another group to help some friends of ours put on a Fall Carnival and Cookout at their apartment community. It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Livi Joy Giveaway Winner

And the winner is......

Kimberly Doughty!!!

Congrats Kimberly. Please email Kerry at and let her know which t shirt you would like. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Livi Joy T-Shirt Giveaway! (Guest blogger)

Today I am loaning my blog to a new friend of mine. I know you are going to love her story. Read all the way to the end and enter to win a cute tee!
Hello beautiful people!

My name is Kerry and I am so appreciative to Rachel for allowing me to share my heart in this space today.  Rachel is a new friend and I am so thankful for this online community that brought us together.

My husband and I are adoptive parents to two little people.  Our littlest, Toby, just came home about 6 months ago.  As many of you may know, adoption can be very expensive and most people who feel called to adopt don't have a huge amount of savings to use for the adoption.  So we have to get creative.

Before bringing Toby home we researched fundraising options and my husband and I always loved the idea of selling t-shirts to raise money for our adoption.  We looked at some online tee companies but never really loved the designs plus we kind of liked the idea of printing our own.  So a few months before we found out about Toby's situation, when we were still waiting, we ordered a screen printing kit and started playing around with and learning about screen printing.  We had a lot of fun with it but then things with Toby happened so fast, we never got around to actually making any shirts.

On our way home from Florida, where Toby was born, we talked about the press and the other supplies we had in our house and what we should do with them.  We decided we wanted to start a little business and help another family on their adoption journey.

One thing we learned from our journey to get Toby is that even though the adoption journey can feel lonely at times there is a large adoption community (online and in our churches) and they are some of the most generous people on the planet.  We literally could not have adopted Toby if it had not been for so many generous people.  With that in mind, we decided that as a family we wanted to come alongside another adoptive family and support them on their adoption journey.  We decided we wanted to walk with them until their child came home.  And we wanted to tell their story and pray with them and just be with them on their journey.

livi joy is the small business that was born out of this.  Livi is what we call our oldest daughter, Alivea - the one who stole our heart 6 years ago when she joined our family through adoption.  I had no idea how adoption was going to change my life when she was born.  I had no idea how adoption was going to draw me closer to Jesus.  And now it's our family business- standing with another family because ONE matters.  We believe that.  We believe that ONE family, ONE orphan, ONE child matters.

Within a few weeks of coming home we found out about the Ludwig's, a super sweet family from Alabama who had answered the call to step out on their adoption journey.  Their story was a lot like ours.  A step of faith with no safety net.  Just wanting to be obedient.

We have developed a friendship with the Ludwig's and it is our desire to bless them on their journey and walk with them until their little one is in their arms.

We opened our shop two months ago and have been designing and selling tees to benefit the Ludwig's adoption fund.  A large portion of the sale from every tee goes directly to them.

Today, we are giving one away.  There are so many ways to enter.  Simply use the entry form below to be entered to win a tee of your choice.

To read more about our family please visit here.  And thank you so much, Rachel, again for allowing me to share my heart today. a Rafflecopter giveaway