Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avery's 8th Month

8th Month Milestones - 1/4/11

Height - 26 inches plus a little?? I tried measuring you and it came out around 26 inches, so either you did have your foot stretched out at your 6 month appt or you really didn't grow much in the past month. :)

Weight - 16+ lbs.

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You still wake up once a night, usually, to eat. You usually take 2 maybe 3 naps a day. 1 long one (2+ hours), 1 medium one (1.5 hours) and somedays a short one (45 mins). We had to  lower your crib after we came home from Christmas because you started pulling up on things. One night this month I woke up, heard you talking and went to check on you. You were sitting up in your bed (in the dark) just playing and jabbering away!
Eating - You eat about every 4 hours during the day, about 6 oz., and usually only wake once to eat at night. You love baby food - pears, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, prunes, green beans, peas - so far you love it all. You like your cereal - oatmeal and this month we gave you puffs for the first time. You really like them and do pretty well at getting most of them in your mouth. Still no teeth. You still enjoy your fruit in your mesh feeders too.

New discoveries - You love to move! Mrs. Marilyn calls you the energizer bunny. Put you down in one room and you will be in the next in no time at all. You also don't like to be left in a room by yourself now. Even if it is for just a second. You find any little thing we leave on the floor and it goes straight into your mouth. We've been learning to make sure the floor is clear before sitting you down.
New accomplishments - You can wave bye-bye and clap now. You have said "bye" a few times, along with "da-da" and an occasional "ma-ma" but nothing regular. That's ok though, I'm sure you'll be talking our ears off soon enough. You like playing patty-cake and love it when we say "yay!" you wave your hands in the air or clap them. It is too cute.
Places you went - Let's see, this month was a busy one. We started off by going to see Santa at BassPro with Daddy, Mommy, Nonna and Poppa. Then the next weekend Mommy and you flew to Odessa for Corey and Catherine's wedding. It was our first time to fly/travel that far without Daddy. You ended up getting a cold that weekend but we had fun visiting Mim & Pawpaw and celebrating at the wedding. We went to the Dugger Family Christmas lunch then headed to Oklahoma to spend the week with Nonna and Poppa before Christmas. You got so spoiled! Nonna and Poppa loved having you there to play with. We came home for a few days so Mommy could work and then went back to Oklahoma for New Years.

Special Memories - Celebrating our first Christmas as a family of 3! We did our Christmas early because we would be out of town on Christmas morning. After you woke up we got your presents ready and let you go after them. You weren't so sure at first, but after you got a big piece of paper off you were on a roll. Mommy and Daddy got you a play kitchen, some balls, a train and some books for Christmas. Since we weren't able to be with Mim & Pawpaw and Grandpa & Nana for Christmas this year, they mailed your gifts to us. You opened them on Christmas Eve. You got lots of cute clothes and toys from all your grandparents and aunts and uncles and are so blessed! We celebrated Christmas morning in Oklahoma with Nonna, Poppa, Uncle Daniel and Aunt April. Later we went to Grandmama and Grandad's house for a late lunch and to see all your other family. Peyton was there and the 2 of you had so much fun playing together. We spent New Years at the Dooley's (without Daddy since he had to work) and surprisingly you stayed up until 10, then woke up at 11:45 just in time for the countdown.

One thing I couldn't leave out is you got your first hair cut on the day after Christmas. See you haven't really lost much of the hair you had when you were born. Yes, it has gotten thinner but mostly it has gotten longer. You were beginning to get the mullet look in the back with wings on the sides. I really didn't want to cut it, but it seemed everyone who saw you said we should trim it and your hair would get thicker. So on the day after Christmas, with Nonna's help, I gave you your first trim. You were a champ and sat still with your toy while we worked. We trimmed about an inch and a half off and we were done.  Not too bad. Still can't believe we had to give you a hair cut at 8 months! ha!

Month 8 was a fun, busy month for you. Crawling was your preferred method of mobility this month and it was so much fun to watch you explore. Christmas was extra special this year, sharing it with you and seeing it through your eyes. I can't wait to get to make special Christmas traditions/memories with you each year. One of the things that sticks out this month is your laughter. Whether it was Daddy tickling you, Uncle Daniel acting silly, Poppa talking funny, Mommy making silly noises - I love to hear you laugh. So innocent and fresh. I pray that you will continue to learn to laugh and enjoy life. We are so blessed to be your parents and you are teaching us so much. Thank you for letting us learn how to be parents on you. Someday we'll look back on this and hopefully, we'll all laugh.

Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

I somehow forgot to take your weekly lamb pictures this month. I'm going to blame it on being busy and traveling. But I did go back through my pictures and found one from each week of the month so those will have to work for this time. Mommy will try to do better next month! :)

Hair Cut Pics:
At day 2

At 1 week


I'll have to take one from the back to get a good post-trim comparison.

 Our other Christmas Pictures will be on a separate post.