Friday, July 22, 2011

14 Month Milestones

14th Month Milestones - 7/4/11

Height - 28+ inches

Weight - 17.5 lbs?

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You rarely wake up once a night to eat. You usually take 2 naps a day and lately these have been long! Must be a growth spurt. Not sure how we'll transition you to 2, because you get sleepy about an hour or so after you get up each morning. Oh well. We'll cross that bridge later!
Eating - Still a healthy appetite. You eat anything! Literally. Chewing has gotten much better this month. Maybe that's because you have 6 teeth now! 4 on top and 2 on bottom. You still nurse in the morning and at night and take bottle or cup of milk during the day.

New discoveries - Let's see, pretty much everyday you figure out how to get into something new. You love emptying Mommy's tupperware cabinet. You love pulling stuff out of baskets after clean up time. You figured out how to pull your blanket out of your crib and do it whenever you are ready to go to bed. You learned how to give kisses, we call them "kiss-kiss" and Daddy and I just eat them up. So sweet!

New accomplishments - Giving kisses when asked. Truly precious! Started throwing fits, which isn't really an accomplishment, we just thought we had more time before these came along. You learned how to "jump" in the water with Mommy/Daddy's help. You can climb up and down steps and do pretty good at getting off the couch without help.

Places you went - To Azle for Tiffany and Brent's Wedding. You got sick after that and we were home for almost a week with you. Didn't go much this month.

Special Memories - Getting to be the flower girl in Aunt Tiffany's wedding. Riding in the wagon with Sam. Taking a bath in the sink with Sam. Getting your toes painted for the first time. Swimming in your kiddie pool and getting to slide. Eating your first popsicle. Having Nonna with us for 4 days while you were sick. First ER visit.

So since this is Mommy's version of your baby book we do need to document your first stomach virus. :( You came down with a fever the morning of Tiff's wedding. We gave you Tylenol and Motrin and your fever broke in time for you to be in the wedding with Sam. We made it through the ceremony and most of the pictures before you had a melt down. Poor thing! If we only knew you felt so bad. We took Poppa out to eat for his birthday and then headed home. Mommy was giving you a bath and you got sick. We thought it was something you ate so weren't too worried. Later that night you woke up with a fever and it was on. For the next 6/7 days you ran a fever off and on and had diarrhea. Mommy stayed home with you for 3 days and on the third day you basically refused to eat or drink anything. We took you to your pediatrician on Monday and he said it was some viral diarrhea and would last up to 10 days! By Wednesday you were miserable, so Mrs. Marilyn and I took you to the ER for them to check you out. You were dehydrated and so they gave you 2 bags of fluids. You were a different baby after that! I think you finally felt a little better. You stayed with Mrs. Marilyn Thursday and Nonna came down Thursday night to keep you on Friday. By Saturday your fever and diarrhea were both finally gone. That is the worst sickness you've had so far! Mommy and Daddy lost more sleep that week than since you were born. Thankfully you recovered 100% and by the next week were back to your normal, energizer-bunny self. It was hard watching you not even want to crawl or walk. You just wanted to be held. Which we loved, but hated you were so miserable. By the end of the week you were so sick of being sick that you started throwing fits. But really, who could blame you? You couldn't tell us what hurt and had been sick for so long. So now we are working on no hitting or fit throwing. :)
When I was looking back on June, it looked like we didn't do much, but we had a full month. Weddings and yucky viruses take it out of ya! We are so glad you are back to normal and so thankful you have been so healthy. We are blessed to have great friends like Mrs. Marilyn and family like Nonna who were willing to help out when we were exhausted. You are one LOVED little girl. I hope you always know that. Can't wait to see what next month holds! Love you sweet baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

12, err 13 weeks - Baby #2

So here we are already at 12  13 weeks into this pregnancy and this is the first blog about it. Sorry! Things have been kind of crazy around here lately. That and I am usually E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D by the time I get home from work, do dinner for us, get Avery a bath, play time, then bed. I have to get better at keeping up with this though. So here is my attempt to catch up and my public goal of updating once a month on how baby #2 and I are doing.

I had my second visit with my midwife this weekend and everything looks great! We heard the heartbeat again and it was strong, 160 bpm. I'm measuring where I should be and so far haven't gained too much weight. My nausea is gone for the most part. I think this being the 2nd time around, helped alot. I learned from last time to only take my prenatal vitamins at night, to snack throughout the day, and to not let myself get super hungry. My midwife and a few friends suggested trying high protein snacks this time around. It made so much difference. I have been loading up on eggs, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, almonds, and other yummy snacks. They helped so much with the nausea especially at work. So to all my friends out there who are pregnant or might be in the future, I highly recommend trying this. It was so much better this time around.

We told all our family right after we found out - yeah, we're not the greatest at keeping secrets from them. To be honest, we were totally shocked and scared at first. But that was followed by complete excitement and joy. Yes, it is possible. We'll have 2 under 2 for 4 months, but we are excited and know God will use this to grow us and to be an example to others. Avery doesn't have a clue what's going on. That's fine. She's still really young.

And one final story to end, just because I don't want to forget this. Tiff - if Granny ever reads this, I hope she knows I thought what she said was the greatest.

I was at Tiffany and Brent's helping them get moved into their house before their wedding. Her Granny and Mom had come down to help and Granny and Tiff were in the laundry room doing something. I happened to walk by at just the right time to hear Granny ask Tiff where Avery was. Tiff told her she was with the sitter and then said, "you remember I told you she's expecting another one." Granny's next words were this, "Well bless her heart!" Then she paused, "Welp, that just comes with it!" I know you just had to be there to get the full affect of it. But I couldn't help but smile. I love me some Tiff's Granny!