Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avery - 22 Month Milestones

22 Month Milestones - 3/4/12

Height - 30.5"+

Weight - 22 lbs+

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8 or 8:30. You sleep til 9:30 or 10 and still take a 1.5 to 2 hr nap in the afternoon. You still sleep all night without waking so we are very blessed in this area.

Eating - Breakfast is usually eggs with cheese and fruit, oatmeal with frozen blueberries, or a waffle with yogurt and fruit. You can finish off 2 scrambled eggs with no problem. Depending on when you get up, sometimes you have a mid-Morning snack of cheerios, fruit, or crackers. Lunch is either left overs, chicken nuggets (5), or our muffin tin lunch. After nap time, you have a snack (again) and usually munch on something until dinner. For dinner you mostly eat what we have but occasionally you won't touch it. I found out you love carrot sticks and sliced cucumbers. Really you will eat pretty much any veggie if we give you ranch to dip it in. You call it "honey" and we aren't sure why. You also now have 16 teeth, 8 on top and 8 on bottom.

New discoveries - Playing outside with your chalk and wagon are your favorite afternoon activities. You won't let us pull you in the wagon, you insist on pulling it yourself. It looks so sweet you pulling it up and down the sidewalk.

New accomplishments - Your hair is long enough for a pony tail! I think Mommy is more excited about this than you are. I love fixing your hair each morning. You don't share my fondness for it.

Places you went - To Oklahoma to Nonna and Poppa's for Uncle Daniel's birthday and for your great-grandad's 80th birthday party.
Special Memories - Watching you learn to love Claire. You like to play with your baby doll like I take care of Claire.  Going to our first Valentine's Day playdate with friends and helping you make Daddy a Valentine.

Two more months and you will be 2. Really?! How did it go by this fast? You really should still be Claire's size in my mind. But you are talking in full conversations. Making decisions on what you like. Helping Mommy take care of Claire. Telling Daddy "love you Daddy" before bed. You are more little girl and less baby each day. I'm excited about the days to come, but miss the days before. We pray your heart is always big - big enough to love Jesus, your family, your friends, big enough to share, big enough to dream. Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Claire's 3 month Milestones

3 month milestones - 3/22/12

Height - 23"

Weight - 12 lbs plus some

Diapers - size 1 but getting snug

Clothes - 0-3 months but some are getting too tight

Sleeping - We finally are in a semi-routine.  You usually eat around 8 or 8:30 each night then go to bed til about 2 or 3 in the morning.  You eat then go back to sleep til 7 or 8, eat again, go back down, then up around 9:30 or 10. Its not all night but its not a bad schedule either. You usually sleep about 1 to 1.5 hours about 3 times during the day. You nap and sleep swaddled.  We did switch you from the flannel swaddle to the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles and they seem to work so much better.

Eating - You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day.  Stil have a good appetite, but you suddenly are very distracted while nursing.  I have to try everything, covering you with a blanket, walking around, playing music.  Eventually you get hungry and eat but wow! Mom is getting a workout. 

We had an appointment with Dr. Cole at the end of February to check on your tongue tie and lip tie.  Apparently your lip tie was very tight and your tongue was about half-tied.  We had both corrected, hoping it would help you be able to take a bottle and a paci and help you not take in so much air while eating.  You were a champ. Mommy held you (while you were swaddled) while they did the procedure.  Nonna thankfully had come home with us and stayed with sister during the procedure.  Everything went well the first 24 hours.  You had a swollen lip and wanted to sleep alot but nothing terribly bad.  Then the next day came.  You refused to eat from about 11 am to 11 pm.  You were miserable and Mommy was worried.  I was afraid to give you a bottle because I really didn't want you to give up nursing and prefer a bottle.  You finally ate a little late that night.  Mommy asked around and someone suggested Tylenol.  I said a prayer and gave you a dose early the next morning.  It made all the difference! You finally felt better enough to eat.  It took about a week to get you back to your normal eating schedule.  You can take a paci now. We still are trying to find a bottle you like.

New discoveries - Pacis and bottles are actually good! Of course it probably didn't help that you couldn't really take either until we got your lip/tongue ties corrected.  You have found your hands. You love chewing on them.  You can recognize Mommy, Daddy and big sis Avery. 

New accomplishments - Sleeping 7 hours straight! Woo-hoo! Your colic/fussiness is getting better.  Mommy and Daddy love that you don't have screaming marathons right before bed anymore.  You actually take naps by yourself on your own.

Places you went - to OK for your great grandad's 80th birthday.

Special Memories - Watching your big sister Avery learn to be sweet and gentle with you. I walked to the bedroom and back and found her trying to push on your eyes! Needless to say Mommy says Avery, be gentle! At least 20 times a day. Big sister does love you though. She calls you Pear. Pear is sleeping. Pear is crying. Hi Pear! Are some of her favorite phrases.

Dear Claire - these past three months have flown by. It's hard to think how much has changed in such a short time. I love getting to stay home with you and Avery. Life is really different than it was 6 months ago. These days I hardly ever get on the computer unless it's at nap time. And nap time is something I try to participate in as often as I can. :) Play dates and errands are our fun trips out. We picnic on the living room floor on beach towels. My favorite parts of the day are rocking you to sleep, chasing down your crazy sister after bath time and listening to Daddy make you both laugh. I pray you always find joy in life. God puts so much all around us if we just stop and look.

Mommy & Daddy

Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm behind on the girls monthly updates with big intentions of getting caught up. I have 3 posts in draft status if that helps. Anyways, a friend posted this "20 questions" list on her blog. It was fun to read and think about so here is mine.

1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse. Specifically with babies. That lasted until high school and really changed after I took zoology in college. Made my first B and realized I did not like memorizing stuff.

2. What is on your nightstand right now?

A lamp, some books, a random DVD, a paci, lotion, baby nail clippers, and 2 bottles of paint.

3. What are 3 of your all-time favorite movies?

Princess Bride, Tangled, Radio

4. Where is the coolest place you have ever kissed someone?

Lake Tahoe on our honeymoon

5. What do you regret doing as a child?

Being shy. Silly I know but now I see i let fear keep me from really living and having fun.

6. What is one thing you wish you could do?

Right now, keep a clean house, be a great mommy & wife, and have dinner made all in one day. I'm dreaming I know. :) I truly am happy being a stay at home mommy with a messy house and leftovers for dinner. The above is just if I had super powers.

7. What was your favorite job growing up?

Babysitting or working at Photographs by Lawrence.

8. What is your favorite food and favorite place to eat?

Either a steak from Outback or fajitas on the grill. Yum! I like Outback, Freebirds, Chick Fil A, and Sweet Tomato.

9. What was your favorite show as a kid?

Full House or Family Matters (TGIF - anyone remember that? So fun)

10. Who is your favorite actress & actor?

Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey Jr.

11. What CD is in your CD player right now?

Veggie Tales (Avery's choice)

12. How do you relieve stress?

Umm, read blogs, watch a movie with Randy, craft, SLEEP!!

13. What are your top 3 favorite TV shows that you watch now?

Castle, Bones, Private Practice

14. What is one thing that is hard for you to forgive?

Lies and being taken advantage of .

15. What are 3 things you want to do before you die?

Go on international mission trip with Randy, see my kids have their own relationship with Jesus, bless someone in s big way either financially or materially.

16. If you could play any sport and any position what would it be?

Sports? Hmm. I guess either be a swimmer or gymnast.

17. Have you ever smoked or used drugs?

Nope. Never.

18. What is your biggest fear?

Losing Randy or my kids, wasting my life

19. What are 3 things you don't really like?

Cleaning (there I said it, although I love the after part thus I must do it), putting laundry up, being left out

20. What are 3 things you are addicted to buying?

Cute girl clothes, summer shoes for me and the girls, Fruity Cheerios.