Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avery - 22 Month Milestones

22 Month Milestones - 3/4/12

Height - 30.5"+

Weight - 22 lbs+

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8 or 8:30. You sleep til 9:30 or 10 and still take a 1.5 to 2 hr nap in the afternoon. You still sleep all night without waking so we are very blessed in this area.

Eating - Breakfast is usually eggs with cheese and fruit, oatmeal with frozen blueberries, or a waffle with yogurt and fruit. You can finish off 2 scrambled eggs with no problem. Depending on when you get up, sometimes you have a mid-Morning snack of cheerios, fruit, or crackers. Lunch is either left overs, chicken nuggets (5), or our muffin tin lunch. After nap time, you have a snack (again) and usually munch on something until dinner. For dinner you mostly eat what we have but occasionally you won't touch it. I found out you love carrot sticks and sliced cucumbers. Really you will eat pretty much any veggie if we give you ranch to dip it in. You call it "honey" and we aren't sure why. You also now have 16 teeth, 8 on top and 8 on bottom.

New discoveries - Playing outside with your chalk and wagon are your favorite afternoon activities. You won't let us pull you in the wagon, you insist on pulling it yourself. It looks so sweet you pulling it up and down the sidewalk.

New accomplishments - Your hair is long enough for a pony tail! I think Mommy is more excited about this than you are. I love fixing your hair each morning. You don't share my fondness for it.

Places you went - To Oklahoma to Nonna and Poppa's for Uncle Daniel's birthday and for your great-grandad's 80th birthday party.
Special Memories - Watching you learn to love Claire. You like to play with your baby doll like I take care of Claire.  Going to our first Valentine's Day playdate with friends and helping you make Daddy a Valentine.

Two more months and you will be 2. Really?! How did it go by this fast? You really should still be Claire's size in my mind. But you are talking in full conversations. Making decisions on what you like. Helping Mommy take care of Claire. Telling Daddy "love you Daddy" before bed. You are more little girl and less baby each day. I'm excited about the days to come, but miss the days before. We pray your heart is always big - big enough to love Jesus, your family, your friends, big enough to share, big enough to dream. Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

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