Thursday, April 23, 2009

And we're off!! (well almost)

So I didn't get around to blogging again about my trip to Boston. The short version of it is I was in meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday, got to go eat downtown in Boston, almost missed my flight because of pouring rain (& something else I'll discuss later). But I'm home and so glad. I worked all day today from home, with lots of plans to get our stuff ready for our trip this weekend. Didn't happen. My boss called about lunch time with a project that was labeled URGENT. So I worked on it the rest of the day and did all my errands tonight. Yeah, we aren't packed, don't have all our groceries yet, and I'm blogging. :) I needed a break from things I "have" to do. I'm so looking forward to this weekend away. We really need a break from work and the busyness of life. So here's me signing off for a week(end). I love you all and hopefully will have time to catch up on blogging when we get back. Good night!

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