Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fourteen Days of Thanks - Day 5

Day 5: I am thankful for technology.

So I know this sounds a little spoiled or cheesy, but stay with me and you'll understand why I listed this as something I'm thankful for.

Technology has shaped the world we live in. In my lifetime alone, we've gone from cassette tapes to CDs, from VHS tapes to DVD's & Blu-ray, from landlines to cell phones, from antenna to satelite and so much more. In many ways these technological advances make our lives easier. We can take our phones with us now instead of only being able to recieve calls at home. The internet has virtually connected the entire world - all with the click of a button. We can email someone halfway around the world, and they will recieve it almost instantly. Crazy, huh? There are downsides to all this technology though. Instead of calling someone, we now text. Instead of writing a letter, we email. Instead of visiting someone to catch up, we video conference. All are kind of impersonal, yet all are valuable tools.

Take this for example - I had a pen pal, K, when I was about 10 or 11. I think we met through Brio, a teen girls magazine from Focus on the Family. She lived in CA and I lived in OK. We wrote back and forth about our lives - how school was going, what was going on at church, where our families went on vacation, stuff 10 year olds talk about. I don't remember how long we stayed in touch, but I think it was at least a few years. Then life got busy. I was in middle school and you know how you just don't write that next letter. Then eventually the writing stopped altogether. We both grew up, graduated high school, went to college, I got married, moved to TX, and here I am today. Well, Mom and I were talking this weekend about stuff and something came up about CA and the town where K lived. Mom said any time she hears about where K lived she thinks of K and remembers us being pen pals. That got me to thinking. With the internet, I could probably find K. So yesterday I did a search on Facebook and there were 4 or 5 K's that came up. The first one said she was from CA. So I sent a message and asked if she happened to have a pen pal from OK when she was younger. Guess what? It was her!! 16 years later and we finally reconnected! Crazy?! She is a teacher now and is really involved with missions and her church. Who would have thought? 16 years later & we found each other - through the internet & technology. So today, yes, I am thankful for technology. :)

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