Friday, January 29, 2010

24/25 week update

Today I am officially 25 weeks! Really?! Already?! It can't be that long already, can it? I know, I know, time is just going to fly from here on out. But seriously, this pregnancy has gone by way faster than I expected. And I've been loving every minute of it.

I had my 24 week checkup on Tuesday morning. I scheduled another sonogram just to make sure we didn't miss something on the last one. Randy is in Fire School now, so couldn't come to the appointment with me. So I called my mom and invited her down. She drove down Monday evening and spent the night with us. We got up Tuesday, stopped by Sonic for some OJ (which I hear is supposed to make babies more alert for sonograms) and arrived at the doctor's office. I checked in and they informed me that I would be doing the glucose test before the sonogram. We headed to the lab where I got to choose between orange or fruit punch. I chose orange and started drinking it. It really wasn't bad. Maybe I just picked the right flavor, but it seemed like really sweet Kool-Aid to me.

By the time we got in for the sonogram, baby girl was very active. The first image the sonographer got just verified she is indeed a girl! Wasn't shy a bit, but who could be after OJ and orange glucose stuff? We got to see her yawn and turn around a few times. She wouldn't give us a profile pic, but was very active. I think she gets that from her daddy.

My doctor said I am measuring right where I should be. My blood pressure is a little higher than normal (non-pregnancy) for me, but no worries yet. He said that it probably will start going down soon, so that was good news. I did gain a few more pounds this month, but the doctor didn't seem concerned about that either. I'm really trying to eat healthy, its just that I am hungry every few hours! lol!

Here are this months pics for your enjoyment.

I don't know if it just me, but I think I look so much bigger in the latest pictures. Maybe its the shirt? :)

After the appointment, we came home and I worked for a few hours. Mom was sweet enough to clean our bathrooms for us and do some laundry. Thank you so much Mom! We really appreciate it. Later that afternoon we headed out to Babies R Us and Target to start our registries. Wow! I know babies require a lot of stuff - but who knew there were so many choices! We were in Babies R Us for 2+ hours! I did find a stroller I liked though. I'd been debating on whether to get the travel system where the car seat matches the stroller or just find a stroller and car seat separately. Well we ended up going with separate ones. Most of the travel strollers that I liked, thought were safe, and hadn't been recalled, were HEAVY!! The lighter ones just didn't seem sturdy. Then we found one that looked like a cross between an umbrella stroller and regular stroller. It was sturdy, only weighed 19 lbs, was easy to fold up and get this - you can put the car seat carrier in it to use it like a travel system! Just what I was looking for. Plus I think Randy will like it too. :) I'm so glad Mom and I were able to get the biggest chunk of our registry out of the way. I still have to do Walmart, but have been able to do alot of it online. yay!

Well, I think that's about it. No new cravings - just eating a lot of fruit. Heartburn did hit me the other night when we took Mom to Outback, but I'm hoping it is a one time occurance. It hasn't happened since. Sleeping has been better, and a friend is sending me a pattern for a pillow she made which she says has been heaven sent for her during pregnancy. I can't wait to try it out. Well stay warm!


Amy said...

Oh my! Those pics are so cute! You are getting so big!!!

Sarah W said...

Hey Rachel! I'm glad you're pregnancy is going well :-) Have you and Randy chosen a name for your baby girl yet?