Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas in NM & West Texas - Part 2

Back to Christmas!

Christmas Eve, after we all were in our pj's and ready for bed, Grandpa let the 2 kiddos (Bella and Caleb) open 1 present each.

They got matching Mr. Potato Heads! Remember how much fun those were?!

Christmas morning, we woke up early (even me, after a night of not sleeping and feeling nauseous) and Kristi shared the Christmas Box with us. Caleb had so much fun pulling out each item. If you have never seen or heard of the Christmas box it really is a neat concept. There is a story that goes with it that talks about Santa visiting to tell about the true meaning of Christmas. Each item in the box represents something about Christmas. Its is a cool way to let little ones see visually what the real reason for the season is.

Then it was time for presents! Caleb could not wait!

Excuse the realness of this picture, but this is how we look in the mornings! ha!

Caleb opening his new firetruck from us.

Bella and Kristi opening presents.

Bella's Mrs. Potato Head (we really had no idea she was getting a Mr. Potato Head!)

Bella's new microphone

Bella & Grandpa

The cutie in her pj's on Christmas night.

And just to prove Bella's favorite person that week was Uncle Randy,

For a child who would almost cry any time Uncle Randy came near, she latched on to him that week and wouldn't let go. It was fun to see them play together. I know our little girl is going to love her Daddy and Daddy is going to have so much fun with her too.

I don't really remember what started this photo op, but it was too cute not to share.

Someone told Bella to "talk to Jesus" and this is what she did. Isn't it adorable?

Bella & Nana

Nana, Grandpa, & Bella

We had a great time in New Mexico for Christmas. On Saturday we loaded up and headed back to Odessa for a quick stop before we went home.

Brian, Janelle, and Jonathan stopped by to see us while we were there. It was so good to catch up with them. Jonathan is getting to be so grown up! And sadly, he still remembers the slide and the big fall we had when they came to visit last January. But he graciously let me give him a hug and a kiss before they left, so I guess I didn't scar him too badly!

If you would like to look at all 250+ pictures from our trip you can go here. Enjoy!

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Hampers said...

Oh my gosh! What a cute idea!! WOW. WAY fun. YOur boys are so cute! I bet they were pumped. Enjoyed your blog.