Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our BIG Reveal

We got to continue our Christmas celebration by having our BIG doctor/sonogram appointment the Monday after Christmas. I kind of wish we had known before our trip so we could have told everyone in person, but it just didn't work out. Randy and I arrived at the appointment on time and checked in. Then we proceeded to sit for like 5-10 minutes. I was a tiny bit worried because this office is usually never behind or if they are they tell you. So I asked the receptionist who proceeded to tell us our sonogram had been canceled. What?! Come to find out since I had a sonogram at 17 weeks to check that everything was ok after a minor scare, and they had done all the measurements they needed then, our sonogram we had scheduled for that day was canceled. The kicker in all this is they canceled it the morning of the appointment! Without telling us. The receptionist told us we would have to talk to the nurse about why it was canceled and see if they would still do the sonogram or not. I was bummed and upset. We weren't able to tell at 17 weeks what our little blessing was because she wouldn't uncross her legs. We still wanted to know though. They ended up telling us we would have to schedule another appointment for a sonogram. This normally wouldn't have been a big deal, but Randy was about to start school and wouldn't be able to come to appointments with me much longer.

This is where I have to praise my wonderful husband. He left me in the room for my doctor visit and went up front to see if they had an open appointment anytime today. Thankfully they did, he scheduled us for it and all was good. We got in for our sonogram and as you all know, IT'S A GIRL!!!! Honestly, I still was skeptical. How are you supposed to make anything out of the black and white sonogram pictures? But we were still excited. I had almost convinced myself it was a boy, but still didn't really know. We didn't have a preference either way and would have been excited for either.

Afterwards we called our family (who we had given 2 cards to). I had the idea to take 2 pictures - 1 saying "It's a Girl!" and 1 saying "It's a Boy!" and put them into separate unmarked cards. Then when we found out we told our families which one to open. It was fun and made it seem a little more special to get to share that moment with them.

We currently haven't settled on a name. I have one I love, Randy has a few he likes, but we haven't agreed on one yet. Hopefully we can soon! We've been told we should have a poll and let people vote on our faves. I'm still considering it! :)

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