Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I realized today that we have 100 days until our due date for our precious little girl. Granted, I know she's not guaranteed to arrive on that date, but for now that's the only way to count down to her arrival. 100 days. Hmm...our world is about to be changed forever - in so many ways. I really can't wait. I know it won't all be easy or fun, but it all will be worth it. Some friends of ours posted a picture on Facebook yesterday of their little girl in a huge bow. It made me realize Randy has no idea how bows are about to overtake his world. :) I do have to brag a bit and say I know this little girl is going to be wrapped around her daddy's finger in no time at all. He's going to be such a fun dad. We were at some friends' house the other night and their 11 month old went straight to him. He held him like an old pro. I guess those few years in KidRidge really paid off!

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