Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving in Odessa this year. It was a fun week filled with food (lots and lots of food), family, fun and friends. Cheesy, I know. :) Sadly I don't have any pics from our actual Thanksgiving meal. Bruce took pictures and having a 6 month old kept my hands occupied. Bruce did make an awesome slide show DVD, but I can't upload it here. It would take FOREVER to load. So here are the pictures I did get:

1.  Bella and Avery in their matching shirts Kristi had made. They were too cute!
2.  Avery and Bella in the recliner. Bella loved to hold Avery and most of the time Avery didn't mind it either.
3.  Avery with Uncle Steve and eating prunes with Daddy
4.  Bella's birthday falls on or around Thanksgiving most years, so we celebrated it and Bryan's with a pajama party. Can't you tell who was more excited?
5.  Bella opening her gifts

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