Friday, July 23, 2010

3 weeks in and loving it...(Part 2)

Avery was born at 4:20 p.m. When I finally saw her, wow! I don't think I can fully describe the feelings. It was kind of surreal to think she was actually here and not inside me anymore. Part of me was a little sad. Weird, I know. There had just been something about feeling her inside of me over the past few months. Like I could protect her, I knew what she was doing (mostly), and let's just face it - having her little feet kick me in the ribs was one of my favorite things about pregnancy. But for the tiny bit of sadness, a ton of happiness overwhelmed me. She was here! We could hold her, see her, know what she looked like. Also, I was a little in shock that the labor/pregnancy was over. Please don't think I am bragging about it going so quickly - because that was totally God - NOT me! But wow! For all I didn't know about labor when we checked in the hospital that day at 12, God was in control and was with me through the whole thing. Plus having Randy by my side wasn't bad either. :)

They checked her, cleaned her up, and handed her to me. Randy and I just stared at her. She was beautiful! We didn't have one of the 3D sonograms done during pregnancy so we had no idea what she would look like. They let our family come in for a few minutes. My parents, grandparents, and uncle came in to meet her. After a few minutes, they left and we had family time - just the 3 of us - before they took Avery to the nursery. It still was all a little unreal. We came into the hospital just the 2 of us and now we were a family of 3!

We finally got moved to our recovery room about 8 that evening and the rest of our family came in. Let's just say, little Miss Avery is very loved! :)

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