Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

A month later I'm finally posting about Thanksgiving. I guess I should get used to life passing by this fast, but for some reason I can't!

This year we did Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma. We're spending Christmas with Randy's family so Thanksgiving worked out better in Oklahoma. Randy had to work Thankgiving so I went up early by myself on Tuesday. My company was in the middle of an aquisition transition this year, so I had saved most of my vacation for the holidays. It has been nice, to have extra time at the holidays. :)

Anyways, back to Thanksgiving. Wednesday I went to see Amy and the girls and give them their aprons I made them way back in the summer. They loved them! Especially Reese.

Reese & Abby

I think they like them!

Abby posing



All the pics of Meleah are on Amy's camera, I was holding her when she opened hers.

Thursday Mom and I finished up cooking for a late lunch. It turned out to be such a nice day. The rest of the family arrived and we ate lunch/dinner. Family pictures were attempted afterwards, but we ate so late that most of the daylight was already gone. Oh well!

Friday, Dad and I got up early and hit the sales. Let me just preface this with I hate shopping when it is crowded, i.e. the day after Thanksgiving. But something in me wanted to try this year and Dad was willing to go so we did. (I think the pregnancy is affecting my judgement! ha!) I ended up being able to get all of Randy's presents and even found a few deals for myself. It was fun, but I was so tired by the end. We ended up seeing the Clampet girls in Academy which was a fun surprise.

Saturday, Mom and I put up their Christmas tree and the guys did the outside lights. I forgot how big Mom's tree is! I'm hoping she can find one on clearance this year after Christmas that is a little easier to put together. Speaking of, we got a new tree this year. We actually bought it last year on clearance after Christmas so this was our first year to put it up. If you remember any of my Christmas pics of our apartment in the past, I've only ever put up small trees. Our new one is 7.5' and big. I love it though! It has pine cones wired to the branches and looks less artificial than some trees. I found a cute tree skirt at Hobby Lobby that matches our stockings and ta-da! It looks put together. I'll post pics in my next post.

Here is a slide show from Thanksgiving. You can hit the pause button and click through the pics if you want. I just don't have time to post all the ones I wanted to, so figured this would be easiest.


Heather Tracy said...

the aprons you made are SUPER cute! Where did you find the material for them? I want to make some! =)

Rachel Marie said...

Actually I bought the plain white aprons from Hobby Lobby and painted them myself. The kids aprons are cheap and I think I used the 40% off coupons on them. I used the acrylic paint in the little squirt bottles. It took a while for the one I painted stripes on but the others weren't too bad.