Friday, December 4, 2009

16 weeks and some change

So it has already been a month since the last post? Wow! I really didn't mean to not post for a whole month. Things were kind of busy in November. We celebrated Mom's birthday, got to meet our new cousin Peyton, Randy did his physical test for the Arlington Fire Department, then we had Thanksgiving and now it is December. Guess I should post our 16 week post and work on the rest later. :)

I was 16 weeks on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The past month has been really good. The nausea is almost all gone and I have a lot of my energy back. No strange cravings so far, just an increased appetite. Which is great except when I step on the scales. We had our 16 week appointment on Monday and everything checked out fine. We heard the heartbeat, which is incredible every time we hear it. Our BIG sonogram is scheduled for December 28th, when we will hopefully find out if our little peanut is a boy or a girl. I'm putting a poll on my blog to see how many of you think its a boy and how many think its a girl. So make your vote count!

Here are some pictures of me at 16.5 weeks:

Oh and do you want a peak at cute Baby Harrelson?

Because of an unexpected trip to the doctor, we got a surprise sonogram yesterday. Everything is fine, Baby H is healthy and measuring right on track. They took all the measurements and Baby H is coming in at 7 ounces and 6.25 inches long. Pretty cool, huh? God is so amazing. To watch (so to speak) him knitting together our little blessing is just indescribable.

While the sonogram was going on yesterday, our little blessing wouldn't stay still. Apparently he/she gets that from his/her daddy. Lol! The sonographer told me she was going to try to see if our blessing was a boy or a girl. I really wanted Randy to be there to find out with me, so she agreed to not tell me but to put it in an envelope and let me take it home to open with Randy. The only catch was our little stinker had his/her legs crossed and wouldn't uncross them no matter what we tried. It all turned out fine in the end. We get to keep our Dec 28th appointment and find out together!

So stay tuned for our BIG reveal at the end of the month, if our little stinker cooperates! You can click here for more pictures.


Brian said...

I'm sure there's someone that is more excited for you guys than I am...but it's hard for me to believe! We can't wait to come see you both soon and rejoice together.

Brooke & Freeland said...

You look adorable! I cant wait to see more pictures!!!!