Thursday, December 17, 2009

December in Our Lives

Can anyone else believe it already is a week until Christmas? Where did December go? Here's a snapshot (or two) of what's been going on in our lives:

Our Christmas tree - I actually put it up before I left for Thanksgiving (shh! I know, trees don't go up until after Thanksgiving!). But I didn't decorate it, just put lights on it. Then when we got back, I spent one evening decorating it. I actually kind of liked it that way. I didn't feel completely exhausted like I usually do after a full day of putting up the tree, putting on lights, decorating, then cleaning up after the mess of stuff. Here is our tree:

Daniel Graduated from ECU - my little brother graduated from ECU (East Central University) last Saturday with a degree in Biology. We made the trip to Ada with Mom and Dad and wow! I don't think I've been back to Ada since I moved out the summer of 2005 after my graduation! I felt old! It was good to go back for a visit. Next time I'll have to make sure and try to see people.

Baby News - I'm sure all of you were waiting for this one. :) I was 18 weeks last Friday and saw a cool pic on Facebook so tried to copy it. Here is what I got:

It's really dark, I know, but I like the way this one turned out.

This is my fav! I got a new camera too!

Belly pic! I don't think this picture does my belly justice. I think it grew overnight after this pic!

We're getting a new member to our family! - Daniel and April are getting hitched! Daniel took April with him after graduation and lunch and took her to Falls Creek - where they started dating almost 3 years ago. He proposed and she said yes! So I'm getting another sister! I can't wait. They set the date, but not sure if it is public knowledge yet so I'll keep it a secret for now. Let's just say Baby Harrelson will be here and its a summer wedding!

Congratulations, little brother & my new sister! So happy for you two!

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Congrats- I can't wait to hear what you're having! I hope you guys are doing great. Merry Christmas!