Thursday, July 23, 2009

Randy's New Toy

Any of you who know Randy very well, know that he loves airplanes and flying. He has wanted to get a remote control airplane for a while now. A few months ago he found a inexpensive way to build a plane of his own. He finally finished it this week and took it out to fly.

These aren't from his first flight, but I worked from home on Wednesday so I got to see him in all his glory. Let me just say, he is in HEAVEN!!


Jacob Haynes said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rachel.

Also, I need to get together with Randy so I can see his plane in action.

Kevyn said...

Hey girl- You are so sweet to leave such a thoughtful message on my blog. I know we haven't stayed in touch, but we miss everyone there so much. Maybe when I am there in September I can come to church. I really hope you guys are doing great!

Kevyn said...

Also- I need blogging help. How do you save the little links on your blog that shows when people update??? I'm so bad at this.