Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Randy's Birthday

Just so you all don't think I forgot Randy's birthday, I didn't. I've actually just been too busy to stop and blog about it. For July 4th weekend, we went to OK to visit my parents. We had a 3 day weekend, so we headed up on Thursday night to take full advantage of being off. Friday, Randy & Daniel went mountain biking at Lake Murray. Mom and I cleaned the house and hung out. Friday evening, we all went to my aunt and uncle's for a July 4th BBQ. The whole family was there - which is hard to do now, since we are all so busy. We ate, played hillbilly golf (not sure if this is the right name for it), and got to see some great fireworks at Camp Sweeney (thanks Josh, Tiff, and Brent!).

Saturday, we went to Gawbaw's funeral. Randy lived with Gawbaw when he lived in Oklahoma and we both were close to her. She was 93 years old. Saturday afternoon, I had planned a surprise birthday party for Randy with our Oklahoma friends. We had cake, ice cream and a fun game of "Nertz." The newly-engaged couple won. Congrats Jereme & Kathleen! Sunday we went to church with my family and then just relaxed on Sunday afternoon. The long weekend was nice, I just didn't want to go back to work on Monday morning!

Randy's actual birthday was last Saturday and we got to spend the day as just the two of us. We slept in late (always nice), and I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We didn't really have anything planned so we decided to go see Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. It was definitely worth the drive. Yes, it is a kids movie, so some parts are cheesy, but overall it was a fun and entertaining movie. This was the 2nd movie I had seen in 3D and I still couldn't help but jump when it looked like water was falling on me!

Here are some pics from our July 4th weekend. The birthday boy wouldn't let me take any pics on his actual birthday. I guess I'll have to try to get some this weekend at his 3rd birthday celebration with our community group!

Dad and Charlie playing the golf game

Yes, folks, that is my husband. :)

Ah, that's better. Now why did I look away?

April & Daniel

Mom took this picture. I just love it! The power pole looks like a cross in the corner.

Randy with his cakes. How do I always get silly pictures?

The whole gang, minus Mom & Dad.

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Herrera Bunch said...

I am not sure how I found this blogspot, but I really do enjoy reading about 2 little lovebirds just starting out. It reminds me of when Rick & I first got together. :) Hope you don't mind me reading your blog. Feel free to read ours whenever. ~Cami~