Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Cake

So tradition has it that newlyweds are supposed to keep the topper of their wedding cake and eat it on thier first anniversary. I've always wondered why, but thought it was sweet and sentimental and honestly I kind of looked forward to getting to eat ours on our 1st anniversary. Randy on the other hand, thought it was gross and couldn't understand why someone would want to eat cake that was a year old.

So my mom had taken our cake topper home along with much of the 2nd layer and froze it in her freezer. A couple of months ago, she brought our topper and 2nd layer to our apartment when she came to visit. Again Randy kept asking if we could just throw it out. I compromised. I did get rid of the 2nd layer (sorry mom!) but kept the topper. We did need the extra room in our I rationalized it was ok to get rid of part of it. Then our anniversary came last week. We were so busy with our trip to Fredericksburg (post about this to follow soon) and then our day off on Monday, that I completely forgot about our cake. I remembered later on in the week, but it was never a good time to get out the cake. I did put it in the fridge to let it thaw. So it has been in our fridge all weekend - until tonight. Randy left to run an errand and I couldn't wait. I had to see if it was still edible. Who knows what happens to cake after a year in a freezer? Well I unwrapped it, and unwrapped it, and unwrapped it. Mom did a great job on preventing freezer burn. Love you Mom! :)

And guess what? It wasn't that bad. I cut a small piece from the back of the topper and tried it. The icing tasted great and the cake was just a little dry. Not too bad for cake that is a year old. So there you go. I did it - I ate our cake a year later. And Randy did actually try a small, small piece of it. He decided it tasted like old candy and then asked me if that was what it tasted like the first time around. Honestly I don't remember! I know it was good, but can't tell you what it tasted like. Enjoy the pictures!

Oh and now I kind of wish we had a piece of Randy's cake. It was all gone before we even left the reception - and thankfully they saved 2 pieces for us. It was amazing! But sadly, there wasn't any left to freeze. But we have pictures!


Brian said...

Great post :) Janelle and I waited for a few weeks before we decided, "You know what - that cake was good. It's not worth waiting a whole year." And so we ate it. And it was good.

Randy's cake was soooooooo good - and that, from someone who's not a big fan of chocolate cake.

Court said...

I'm glad ya'lls didn't taste too bad. I can't wait to see what ours tastes like.

Gilda said...

You're so funny!! Both cakes were so good and good looking!

Ha! Self disciple- yeah right! Notice how long it took us to sell it? It was me neglecting to post it on the "for sale" at work. Thankfully, it was sold before I could remove the posting!
Super excited about dinner!
Love you guys! So glad it's been a year :)

Gilda said...

So... I just spent the last two hours playing with and I got nothing!
I guess it's not an artistic night! Ok. I promise I'll get something together soon!! The website is super cute and pretty addicting.

Janelle said...

Just be glad your cake top was real. The parents of one of my friends cut into their cake top on their one-year anniversary only to find that it was styrofoam! The baker had covered it in icing to make it look like cake. Talk about dry and tasteless. ;)
Happy Anniversary!

Sheri said...

Hey, thanks for finding me on facebook, I had lost your blogspot.
That is so cute that you guys were scared to eat your cake. I love that you kept it anyway!
Your neice is precious. :O)