Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anniversary Trip

So for all of you wondering how our anniversary trip went - here goes:

For our 1st anniversary, Randy & I decided to take a weekend trip to Fredericksburg, TX. I am so glad we did. It was a wonderful weekend away from work and responsibilties. We left Friday before our anniversary and drove down to Fredericksburg, TX. Who knew Texas had such fun little towns to visit? (I'm just kidding, everyone pokes fun at me being from!) We checked in to our B&B and unloaded our stuff. Here are pics of the outside and inside of the cottage.
Buona Sera


Bathroom with Jacuzzi tub

After getting settled in, we went into town to visit the shops we had heard so much about. Well, most of them close at 5 on Fridays! So we just stopped for dinner instead. The next morning we woke up early and headed to Enchanted Rock State Park. Our friends told us this was a neat place to go hiking and exploring. And since Randy can't turn down exploring - we went. :)

Enchanted Rock State Park - the rock from the bottom

We hiked all the way to the top! Whew! it didn't look that high, but the rock is bigger than you think. This was our attempt at a self-portrait.

This was after some nice gentleman offered to take our picture, much better.

A cool tree on top of the rock.

Randy looking for the cave - time to explore!
Grant & Sarah had mentioned there being a cave you could go in at the rock. So once on top of the rock, Randy began looking for the cave. We saw a group of 5th graders all heading to the cave so decided to follow them. We get the entrance and realize this isn't just a cave with a big opening at the front, it is more of a crevice in the rock that you crawl through. Great! And to top it off, we didn't bring flashlights. So Randy asked the sponsor of the 5th grade group if we could follow them through. They said yes and we were off, or in. The first of the cave wasn't too bad, pretty wide and you could still see light from the outside. Then it got really narrow and dark. If you want a funny story to tell, put 12 5th graders in a dark cave with about 4 flashlights among them, none of the dressed to go hiking, and then put 2 tag-along vacationers and you have a story. It was hilarious to listen to the 5th graders talk.
We got about halfway through and thought we were finished because the cave suddenly opened to the outside - we thought. The guys (Randy & the sponsor) went to look around to see how we would get down. Turns out, that wasn't the end of the cave. We had to keep going. Well 12 5th graders had had enough cave for one trip so they proceded to find another way down the rock. We, on the other hand, kept going. There happened to be 3 college students behind us so we followed them through the rest of the cave. This is when it got really interesting. When the sponsor of the 5th grade group was great about sharing his light, the college students weren't so much. So we walked through (climbed, scooted, and squeezed) through most of the last half in the dark. We had our cell phones, and used them when needed for light. It really wasn't that bad - I knew we had to be able to get out, there were arrows on the walls telling you to go that way. But when you hear the people in front of you say, watch out! There is hole here and we can't see the bottom - it kind of freaks you out. And I did slip one time and couldn't stop until Randy grabbed my arm. But then again, I couldn't see what I was slipping into so it wasn't that bad. :) We finally got out and then climbed down the other side of the rock. It was fun, but I am not going back without a flashlight! Randy told me he was so proud of me for doing so great in the cave and not complaining until I hit my knee on the rock. I felt proud of myself - never did I imagine going into a cave with no light - but I did it!

My mountain man

Another self portrait, not too bad.

This is for Rhett - I thought it looked like a train.
After hiking up, through, and around Enchanted Rock, we headed back to our B&B to relax and take a nice hot bath. Ahhh! We did stop at the Wildseed Farm and got some seeds to plant once we have a house of our own. That night we ate at Mamacita's - a mexican restaurant in Fredericksburg. It was so good! We ordered fajitas for two and it would have fed four people! Yum!
Sunday we headed back into town to visit more shops and walk around the town. Its funny, but I didn't take a single picture of the town, just ones outside of it! Oh well. We'll do that next time we visit. We headed home Sunday afternoon.

These were some cows we saw outside of Fredericksburg.

We don't know what kind they are, but thought they looked like "Oreo" cows. :)

Monday - we visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. This is a picture of the Japense Garden.

A cute little squirrel

Cool picture of some Japanese statue

Randy took this one.

And finally a funny little turtle - this guy had his back leg up in the air like that for 5 minutes!


Brian said...

Sounds great. Janelle and I had a blast when we went to Fredericksburg as well. I've heard all good things about Enchanted Rock, so hopefully we'll make it there someday too.

And the rock definitely looks like a train.

Gilda said...

What a fun little city!
Josh and I will have to go there some time!
I thought the rock looked like a bear upside down.

Can't wait to see you guys! (Hopefully we'll both be free the weekend after Memorial Day)

Sheri said...

WOW - beautiful! God is such an artist!