Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Month Milestones - Claire

5 month milestones - 5/22/12

Height - 24"

Weight - 14 lbs 5 oz

Diapers - size 2

Clothes - 3-6 month

Sleeping - bedtime is usually around 8:30. You were doing so great sleeping for long stretches at night then you started getting out of your swaddle. We were still swaddling you at the first of the month until you and big sis spent the night with Nonna and Poppa. Mommy had a women's retreat with church and Daddy had to work. Nonna was able to get you to sleep without your Swaddle. You had a rough night though.

Turns out you had Roseola. You had the crankiness and fever but the rash came later. Poor baby!

Eating - You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. You eat for shorter amounts of time during the day and longer ones at night. You started taking Dr. Brown bottles but they still aren't your favorite. Maybe someday. You tried avocados and bananas this month and weren't a huge fan but you didn't hate them either.

New discoveries - Everything you can get your hands on goes into your mouth. Toys, blankets, clothes, sister's hair.  Teething has started although I can't see any tooth buds yet. You love to jump in your jumperoo. You enjoy walks in the stroller.

New accomplishments - Rolling over both ways! Sorry, Mommy didn't write down the exact date.

Places you went - OK to stay overnight with Nonna and Poppa.

Special Memories - Staying overnight for the first time without Mommy & Daddy.  Your first real sickness (Roseola and a cold). Celebrating Avery's 2nd birthday with an owl party. Your dedication at church with Mommy, Daddy, big sister, Nonna, Poppa, Mim, Papa, Uncle Daniel & Aunt April.

Dear Claire - 5 months old and getting so big so fast.  This was a rough month for you.  Having your first real illness was a new thing for all of us. You stopped sleeping well and preferred to be held. Which isn't a bad thing, I love it. I just didn't get much done at all. :) Plus Mommy and sister got a cold too and we pretty much were all sick the whole month. I'm hoping next month we all feel better. Praying you are on the mend and the rest of our summer is a healthy one. We love you baby girl!


Mommy & Daddy


Mommy &Daddy

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