Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Already in the 3rd trimester

So I looked at the calendar today and as of this coming Sunday we will be 30 weeks into this pregnancy. I seriously don't know where the time went!! I have been really bad at keeping up to date on baby #2 so here is my chance to catch up and get you all up to date.

The last few weeks have been really good. Baby girl is growing and that means the belly is growing. She loves to move alot when I'm sitting still, usually at night, or when I get in bed. I love feeling her move.  No other real symptoms other than a few days of a stiff back. It takes me a bit longer to get up and down, and I can't quite chase Avery as fast.  Sleeping has been as good as it can be.  Appetite has been better since the heat left. I've gained about 23 lbs as of week 28. 

And the news everyone is probably waiting for, we finally decided on a name. We were only one week later than with Avery. Her name will be Claire Elizabeth Harrelson.  Claire is a name we both liked, but thought we would use as a middle name.  We had 4 first names we liked - Aisley, Aislin, Bethany, and Claire, and I'd been waiting for Randy to pick his favorite.  I really wanted her name to have some sort of family significance to it since Avery is the 4th generation with the middle name of Marie. Randy's grandmother's middle name is Elizabeth.  Randy wasn't crazy about it though. Somewhere along the way, he started liking Elizabeth Claire, but wanted her to be called Claire. He didn't like her being called Lizzie or Beth.  I prefer to use the name we would call her as her first name.  So we swapped it. Claire Elizabeth. I think it sounds sweet.  Claire means clear and Elizabeth means "My God is Bountiful."  A forever reminder of how blessed we have been and how good God has been to us. Plus now both Avery and Claire have thier great-grandmother's middle names. :)

I am starting to wonder if she'll come early like Avery or make us wait it out. If she'll have a headful of hair like Avery or be bald.  I wonder if she'll be small and petite or chubby and lovable. No matter how she looks or when she arrives, I know she'll be perfect. Avery still doesn't have a clue, but we did get her a baby doll to play with and she loves to carry it around and rock her to sleep. She also loves to poke at my belly button, which is almost gone. 

Stay tuned for the picture post in the next few days. 

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