Thursday, October 20, 2011

17th Month Milestones

17th Month Milestones - 10/4/11

Height - 29.75 inches+ a little

Weight - 18 or 19 lbs??

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You still take 2 naps a day and lately these have been long! Still about 2 hours each, give or take. Your pediatrician said as long as you continue to sleep all night to let you keep napping twice during the day. You need your sleep! :) It is harder to get you to nap on the weekends, but if we stick to your regular schedule you do pretty good.

Eating - You've been more picky this month.  Mommy is hoping this is a short phase, but if not, we'll work through it.  You still love your fruit and yogurt. Meat is iffy.  We had to take you off milk temporarily due to really bad allergies.  You have 12 teeth now, 6 on top and 6 on bottom.

New discoveries - I'm sure there are several, but honestly I can't remember them. Sorry baby girl!

New accomplishments - Mommy's going to try to list all the words you can say.  Daddy (your fav), Mama, peeese (please), duck, water, again, bye, hi, doggie, puppy, woo-hoo, wheee, no-no, light, veggie (Veggie Tales), right here, and several others that Mommy can't remember. :)

Places you went - To Tyler for Labor Day to visit Mim, Pawpaw, Aunt Kristi, Uncle Andrew, and Bella. On a road trip with Mim and Mommy to Clovis, NM for cousin Janna's wedding.
Special Memories - Playing with Bella in Mim and Pawpaw's new house. Roadtripping with Mim and Mommy to NM and seeing Janna and Chad get married.  Watching Tiffany in Timberview's homecoming court with Nonna and Poppa.  Your second hair cut by your wonderful babysitter, Wendi.

This was a busy month. We kept the road hot. Thankfully you do well riding in the car, as long as you have Veggies to watch. :)  You are getting so big and changing daily. It is fun to watch you learn new things. You are becoming a big girl so quickly.  We finally cut your hair again. As much as I loved putting it in piggy tales, it was getting kind of scraggly.  So Miss Wendi graciously cut it for us. It looks so grown up now.  Your baby sister is growing in Mommy's tummy and she loves to kick at you when Mommy rocks you at night. So far you haven't seemed to mind. I hope you two become great friends.  I know there will be times when you will drive each other crazy, but I'm praying you'll have a bond that no one can break. Daddy and I love you so much. Thank you for blessing our lives daily.

~Mommy & Daddy

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