Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrate Freedom 2008

So Daniel, April and I went to Celebrate Freedom this weekend. For those who may not be familiar, Celebrate Freedom is a huge outdoor, free concert celebrating the 4th of July. It is put on by 94.9 KLTY, a Christian Radio Station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Although Daniel, April, Randy & myself are all 89.7 Power FM fans, we decided to attend anyway to see some of our all-time favorite Christian Artists. We actually missed 3 of our top favs on Friday night (David Crowder Band, Shane & Shane, and Dizmas), but we weren't deterred. Saturday morning we left our apartment and headed north.

We spent all afternoon (in the heat) listening to great Christian music (both contemporary and rock) and hanging out. There was an issue with the water but you'll have to ask me about that outside of this blog! :) Some of the artists we saw included Mandisa (awesome, btw!), Fee, Addison Road (so worth the heat!), Salvador, Jaci Velazquez, Anthony Evans and Meredith Andrews. We were just about to see Lincoln Brewster, Skillet and Kirk Franklin when the concert was canceled due to the storms and lightning in the area. We headed home and enjoyed some quality bonding time asking questions and laughing at each other.

It was so good to get to spend time with my little brother and one of my best friends (who by the way is Daniel's sweet girlfriend!). I love them both and am so glad we can hang out and have fun together. We all went to church together (minus Randy) on Sunday. Randy had a 24 hour clinical on Saturday so he had to miss out on most of the fun this weekend. Maybe next time, honey! Here are some pictures from Saturday:
Addison Road - Rocking out
What Daniel was doing during one point in the afternoon.
Doesn't he look comfy?
Oh, wait! He's not asleep!
What April & I were doing
And finally - the cute couple! Awww..

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