Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prayer Please!

UPDATE: We saw Alexis and her parents last night at church. She is doing so good! Her hand is all bandaged up, but she seems to be fine. She was playing with the other kids and being Lexi! Her mom said they go back on Monday to see if the blood supply is still getting to the tip of her finger. If not, they will have to do another surgery to help it heal. All in all, she is doing great for a 2 year old! Thanks for your prayers!

I just got an email this morning from a friend of ours from church. Her little girl had the tip of her finger cut off in an accident last night. They were able to reattach it, but will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it will start to heal on its own, or if she will need a second surgery. Alexis is 2 and was "helping" her grandpa outside when the accident happened. Please be praying for Alexis, her parents - Brian & Kim, and her grandpa. Pray that her finger will start to heal and she won't need the second surgery. Pray also for her grandpa and parents. Thanks!

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