Saturday, April 19, 2008

My 2nd Birthday Celebration/Surprise

You know something is important when you celebrate it twice and it is just as fun the second time. Today I was expecting to celebrate my birthday with my parents since they weren't able to come down last weekend. Well, I ended up being surprised with a Surprise party made up of my parents, my little brother, Randy and friends, April D., Courtney F., Jacob & Laura, and Grant, Sarah, Rhett & Hudson. Wow! How fun! And I was surprised. It was a great ending to a wonderful birthday week.

Randy & I are so blessed to have such loving family and friends. To sit and watch our close friends visit with my parents and brother and really want to get to know them is incredible. Thank you Randy & Mom for planning such a great lunch party. I really appreciate you thinking so much of my 25th birthday to plan a party with our friends. Love you!


Me & My parents :)

Almost the whole group - sorry we left you out Sarah!

I needed a little help - thanks Rhett!

Me & My wonderful Hubby

Randy just had to feed cake to me like at our wedding!

Daniel and April - aren't they cute?!


Spoons said...

What fun! Ok- question: how did you get your scrapblog to be your header?? I can't seem to figure it out. I gave up last night and tried again today, still no luck. HELLLP!

Spoons said...

Thank YOU!! Your a life saver-- and have helped relief so much stress off my shoulders. It was really bothering me I couldn't do it!! Your awesome Rachel!!