Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dog Sitting

Randy & I are keeping Paul & Shannon's dog this week for them while they are away at camp. This has definately been an experience for us and for Bailey (the dog). We picked him up Sunday evening and took him back to our apartment. I think he was excited at first - lots of new things to smell and lick. Then came bedtime. He normally sleeps in his kennel, so we put him in and went to bed. Then the wimpering started. I think he wasn't sure what was going on. :) Bailey finally calmed down and went to sleep.

Monday morning Randy & I got up and got ready for work. Randy walked Bailey and then got a call from his boss that they weren't working Monday. With all the rain, it was just too wet! So Randy & Bailey got to spend all day Monday together. What fun! Monday night our friends Jacob & Laura came over so Bailey had even more attention. Randy stayed up late that night studying. He said Bailey was already in his kennel asleep when he came to bed. I think he was beginning to get used to us.

Tuesday, Randy had class and I had work, so Bailey stayed in his kennel until we got home. We cooked dinner and then went to the park for a walk. With Bailey on his leash we were on our way. At first he was so excited and had to explore everything. But after about 15-20 mins., we could tell he was getting tired. I don't think he had walked that much in a while! We gave him a break and then started back. Bailey started off much faster this time. I think he knew we were heading home! We did carry him for a few minutes at a time to give him a rest on the way back (for those of you who were concerned about Bailey's welfare). When we got home, he drank lots of water and ate a treat. Randy had some school work to do, so I got on the computer. Next thing we know, Bailey was asleep on the couch! We had worn him out! I think he slept there until we went to bed. Lol! He was such a good sport.

Well, that's all for now. I'll hopefully get a picture of Bailey on here before the week is up. Just to prove we did take care of him and he wasn't mistreated. :) Oh, and our walk convinced Randy that he might be able to live with a smaller dog. Yay! I really like cocker spaniels, but he has always wanted a german shepherd - some BIG dog. So maybe someday.......

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a broomhandle and some duct tape