Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 month milestones - Claire

4 month milestones - 4/22/12

Height - 23.5"

Weight - 13 lbs 5 oz

Diapers - size 2

Clothes - 3-6 month

Sleeping - bedtime is usually around 8:30. You sleep til 2 or 3. Eat then go back to sleep til about 8. Eat again and usually sleep until 9:30. Still swaddling you with the Aden and Anais blankets. Your naps aren't scheduled like Avery's were at this age. I think it's because we have different schedules almost every day. As long as you get to nap though you are in a good mood.

Eating - You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. You eat for shorter amounts of time during the day and longer ones at night. Guess there is too much to see and do! We finally found a bottle you would take. The Playtex Dropins. No more gagging!

New discoveries - your feet! You aren't quite as limber as Avery but you love to hold your feet. You are ticklish and laugh when tickled.

New accomplishments - Smiling. Laughing. Getting really close to rolling over.

Places you went - to Tyler for Easter. To Tiffany and Brent's for Easter. To Ok for Mommy's birthday.

Special Memories - seeing you and Layla play on the floor at Mim's house. Getting to watch big sister hunt Easter eggs knowing you will love it next year. Celebrating Mommy's birthday. Seeing your sweet personality develop. In so many ways you are so unique and in a few things just like your sister. It is fun watching you two interact.

Dear Claire - 4 months already?! It can't be. You have grown from that tiny newborn into my chunky monkey. I smile whenever I see your leg rolls. They are so cute. Your hair does this faux hawk thing and your Daddy is so proud. I try combing it down and he messes it up. You love being held, and rocked, and talked to. If I could do one of those all day I think you'd be content. You sleep so soundly while I'm holding you but the second I put you down you start to stir. I know these days go by fast so I try not to rush through our rocking sessions. You are so loved. Avery asks about you when she wakes. She knows when you need a diaper change. She plays rough with you sometimes but you smile at her anyways. Daddy likes it when you laugh at him and he can hold you for longer than 10 minutes at a time. What can I say? Right now your are a Mommy's girl! I pray you always know how much you are loved. First by God then by your family. I pray we are able to let you experience true love do you can let God love you. Sweet girl you are so blessed!


Mommy &Daddy

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