Thursday, January 12, 2012

19th month milestones - 12/4/11

19th Month Milestones - 12/4/11

Height - 30.25"+
Weight - 20 lbs+

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You also gave up your morning nap for the most part. Funny thing is if you aren't at home you'll take it. Mommy also realized your room needs to be darker for you to sleep longer. We are working on that one. You usually sleep until 9 or 9:30.

Eating - Your picky phase got better this minth. Which was great considering Thanksgiving was in there. Since Mommy was home with you full time now, I'm getting creative on ways to get you to eat. One of your favorites is eating out of a muffin tin. I put cupcake liners in the tin then fill each with a small amount of food. The first time we had this you ate everything! You even tried some new foods. Muffin tin lunches will be making their appearance a lot around here!You have 12 teeth, 6 on top and 6 on bottom.

New discoveries - You are recognizing who people are and putting names with faces. You started calling me Mommy more. Yay! You still yell Da-da when you wake up. Every single time. Even though I'm the one who gets you out of bed 80% of the time. You are starting to learn what the potty is. Hopefully you still love it when we do full out potty training.

New accomplishments - You stayed 3 days by yourself with Nonna and Poppa before Thanksgiving. We weren't sure how you would do but you did great! Didn't throw fits or anything. You started throwing fits/tantrums often after mommy started working from home this month. Like all out screaming and crying. Most of them happen when mommy tells you no. It's like your whole world falls apart at that word. We are working on it though. In the meantime know we love you and our no's are to protect you not because we want to be mean. I'm sure we will have to explain that several times over your lifetime.

Places you went - To Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. We celebrated by spending all week at Nonna and Poppa's.

Special Memories - Having a garage sale with Daddy, Mommy, Nonna, and Poppa. Thanksgiving in Oklahoma. Spending time with friends - Amelia, Jessica, Zach, Ava, Katie, Lily, Cami, Lacey, and Jon. Getting spoiled by all your great-grandparents, aunts and uncles. Driving to see the Christmas lights (much better experience this year).

You are growing and changing so much punkin doodle. Everyday I see you learning and trying something new. So blessed by your little life and heart already.

~Mommy & Daddy

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