Thursday, September 8, 2011

The first half - with words :)

So baby girl #2 is getting a bit shortchanged on the blogs, mostly due to lack of time, not due to lack of things to blog about. Here's is my attempt to get caught up on her and this pregnancy. Things have gone really well this time around. Not much morning sickness and thanks to my wonderful midwife, I was able to change the way I was eating/snacking and I think that has helped tons with the nausea. I was of course exhausted in the beginning, but we made it through the first trimester and the second has been so much better. My biggest complaint now is just not being able to get comfortable to sleep. I had this with Avery too. Any other time I would prefer to sleep on my side, but when I'm pregnant  (when I can't sleep on my back) I want to be a back sleeper so bad. Lots of pillows have been my friends lately. I haven't had much of an appetite in the evenings, which is weird since I ate everything (it felt like) with Avery. I think the heat has something to do with it. I'm making myself snack throughout the day, eat a good breakfast and lunch, and as much as I can for dinner. It has helped with the weight gain though. :) I'm on track - having gained 14lbs at my 18 week appointment. While at my 18 week appointment, we were going to schedule our sonogram to find out the sex. Well, we had 2 options, try to do one the Thursday after my appointment or wait a month until I was 22 weeks. I said lets just go ahead! Hopefully he/she will let us see something. So on August 11th, we found out we were having another precious baby girl. Poor Randy! He's really outnumbered now. But I know he will love having 2 little girls adore him. We don't have a name yet. I know, I know. We take forever to pick names. But the good news is we have it narrowed way down, so we are ahead of our record with Avery. Avery doesn't have a clue what's about to happen. And that's ok. She's still little herself and I think she'll do fine with the transition. Its hard to believe we are already half-way through this 9/10 month journey. In a lot of ways, I'm able to relax more this time around. I think because I've already done this before. Feeling her move for the first time (around 16 weeks) has been cool because I actually knew what it was this time. Knowing how my body will change over time has been good, I've been able to not stress about clothes not fitting or looking just right. Plus since we know its a girl, we already have most of everything we need. I'm getting excited about deciding on her name and getting to meet her. Lots of changes ahead, but we're ready! We think! :)

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