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11 Month Milestones

11th Month Milestones - 4/4/11

Height - 28 inches??

Weight - 16.5 lbs

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You rarely wake up once a night to eat. You usually take 2 maybe 3 naps a day. 1 long one (2+ hours), 1 medium one (1.5 hours) and somedays a short one (45 mins).

Eating - The most common thing about this month is people keep telling me they can't believe how much you eat! Seriously you eat almost anything we put in front of you. Somedays its more like inhaling it than eating, but wow! And I really don't know where it all goes. You only weigh 16.5 lbs. Still have those chunky monkey thighs and cute round tummy, but other than that you are still little (compared to most your age). You nurse/take a bottle about 2-3 times a day. We're working on you taking milk from a sippy cup. Somedays you do, others you won't touch it. You did decide to take your bottle again so at least you are getting mommy's milk. You still love your baby food. You love Cheerios, puffs, apples, pears, your cereal, wheat Ritz crackers, avacadoes, cheese, ground turkey, steamed peas, carrots and BLUEBERRIES!!! You can't get enough of them. So much so, Daddy was afraid you were eating too much when he changed your diaper and it was blue. :) Still no teeth. We thought we could see one starting to come through, but not any more. I think they are all waiting on your birthday.

New discoveries - You make sounds mimicking our neighbors dogs. You love to say da-da-da-da-da-da over and over. Daddy doesn't even have to be in the room. We just ask where Daddy is and you go to town. You love to jabber and talk. Mommy is still hoping you will decide one of these days to say ma-ma-ma-ma, but I have to admit you are pretty cute no matter what you say.  We finally got all the baby-proof latches on the cabinets. It took you a few days to figure out why they won't open, but now you just go to the ones we left for you and leave the others alone. You also discovered the light switch. It turns out you probably figured this one out at Marilyn's. She said she would put you down for a nap and then when you woke up she would walk in to get you and the light would be on. It took her a few times to figure out that you were turning on the light when you woke up. Silly girl! She moved your crib away from the wall so you can't reach it anymore. But if we have you in our arms and walk past a light switch, you have to turn it on or off.

New accomplishments - You perfected drinking out of a straw now, both with your sippy cup and a real straw. Now Mommy has to make sure and order water when we go to Sonic or Chick-Fil-A so you can have a drink. You do it so well too, so many people are amazed you caught on so fast. You can stand up on your own now and have had us on the edge of our seats waiting for your first steps. Daddy even said you almost took a step when I was gone and he almost pushed you down so I wouldn't miss your first steps. That's why we love your Daddy!  You aren't afraid of anything. We put you in bed with us on the weekends and you crawl straight to the edge. I'm afraid we may have a little daredevil on our hands. You will definitely keep us on our toes! No is still something we are learning. Now when we tell you no, you grit your gums and make fists and shake them. I have to admit its hard not to laugh, but I'm trying to keep a straight face. You also learned to cluck your tongue and will mimick us when we do it. You also learned to "stand on your head." It really looks more like a yoga pose with your little bottom up in the air, but you love doing it.

Places you went - Nonna and Poppa came to visit us twice this month. It was fun to get to see you play with them. Poppa even shared his sweet tea with you (which you loved!). Then the last weekend of the month, Mommy had a women's retreat at church. You stayed all night with Daddy. He did such a good job with you. He said you two snuggled on the couch and watched movies. You were in a cuddly mood. I missed you so much, but it was nice to have some girl time.

Sadly, when I came home I found out you had been running a fever through the night. It was low, but you just weren't yourself. We cuddled on the couch with Daddy Saturday night, then went to bed. You woke up in the middle of the night, with your fever back at 101. We gave motrin, and you went back to sleep. We all stayed home from church, so we didn't share our germs. Sunday you just weren't yourself. Don't get me wrong I loved the extra cuddles and snuggles, but it wasn't the normal energetic you. Sunday night your fever spiked at 103. Monday morning I called the pediatrition and we went in that morning just before lunch. She checked you out and couldn't find anything wrong. Ears and throat were fine. Nose was clear. She said we could wait or go ahead and do blood/urine tests to make sure you didn't have an infection we couldn't see. I decided we'd go ahead and do the tests, because I didn't want you to be sick that much longer. They tried drawing blood but your veins are so small the nurse couldn't find it. So they sent us to the lab upstairs, which just happened to close for lunch as we arrived. So we waited. Thankfully Brenda and Tiffany offered to come wait with us and help Mommy. Miss Brenda held you still while Mommy held your arm so the lab tech could draw blood. I don't think Mommy could have done it by herself. We went back to the pediatrition's office for an antibiotic shot then headed home. You napped and your fever finally broke around 5. You were in such a better mood by the time Daddy got home. Tuesday I stayed home with you again. Around lunch as I was changing your diaper I noticed a rash on your tummy and back. I called the doctor and the nurse said it sounded like Roseola, which was actually a good thing. You seemed to feel fine, other than a little extra cuddly.  Thursday the doctor called with your labwork results. It turns out you did have an infection and needed a round of antibiotics. Hopefully this will clear it up and you'll be good to go. I do have to say we have been so blessed that you have been so healthy so far. 11 months and this is the first time you have been really sick.

We also met Angela, Vickie, Ezelle, Nina, Peyton, Ashley and her mom at the Dallas Arboretum to see the Dallas Blooms. You had fun playing in the grass with Peyton and looking at all the pretty flowers. Afterwards, we headed north to surprise Nonna and Poppa with a quick visit. Boy were they surprised! You had so much fun showing off your new tricks and exploring around their house.

Special Memories - Sharing yogurt with Mommy at BlueHeaven. Playing outside in the warmer weather. First night to stay with Daddy (without Mommy). Surprising Nonna and Poppa with a visit when they weren't expecting it. First trip to the Arboretum with Mommy.

I almost don't want this post to end, because that means we are one month closer to you turning 1! Already?! This time last year though, I was gearing up for your arrival - showers, moving, cleaning, we just about did it all. You are so full of life and your Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents each day. Seeing you discover and try new things makes me look at life differently. I am slowly getting it that laundry and a clean house aren't near as important as splashing in the bath for an extra 5 minutes. I so loved all the extra cuddles and snuggles you gave this month, even though you were sick. Those are precious to me and each night I try to just soak you in and remember how you are now. I love you baby girl and Daddy does to. You are so special and we thank God he gave you to us.
Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

Silly faces

First sweet tea

Sleepy head

I <3 my Poppa!

Playing with Nonna and Poppa

This is what it takes to get a picture with an 11 month old.

Arboretum visit

Peyton and Avery


Surprise visit to Nonna and Poppa's

Look what I can do!

Sweet smile

Love you punkin-doodle!

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