Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 Month Milestones

10th Month Milestones - 3/4/11

Height - 27.5 inches plus a little

Weight - 16 lbs??

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You occasionally wake up once a night to eat. You usually take 2 maybe 3 naps a day. 1 long one (2+ hours), 1 medium one (1.5 hours) and somedays a short one (45 mins).

Mommy realized this morning as I got you out of bed that I've never blogged about you and your blankie. Since this is your baby book (of sorts) I had to include it today. Ever since we stopped swaddling you (around 4-5 months), you've been attached to one of your blankets. See Mommy has a soft spot for satin-y blankets (just ask Nonna someday) and Daddy still has a blanket he HAS to sleep with, so I guess there was no getting around it. We would give you your paci and blanket before we would rock you to sleep and it always went with you to the sitters or in the car. Not surprising is you LOVE your blankie. You can be as cranky and tired as ever and we put your blanket in your hands and you rub it all over your face and calm down. I love that it brings comfort to you and that it is something we have in common.

Eating - Still a month of change in your eating. You nurse/take a bottle about 3-4 times a day. We're working on you taking milk from a sippy cup. Somedays you do, others you won't touch it. You still love your baby food. You love Cheerios, puffs, apples, pears, and your cereal. New foods we've tried this month are wheat Ritz crackers, avacadoes, cheese, ground turkey, steamed peas and some chocolate cake that Nonna made. :) No teeth yet, I think you are waiting to turn 1 and get them all at once. Ha!

New discoveries - You can sniff now and blow raspberries whenever you want. You scrunch up your nose and mouth and sniff really loud. Not sure where or how you learned this but it is cute. You also blow raspberries at random times. Funny, until you do it when you have food in your mouth, as Annette, Tiff and Jess were witnesses to. Sorry! You also discovered the kitchen cabinets this month.  Your favorite is the one right next to the fridge. You can open it and love to pull out the cutting boards and cookie sheets. I guess we'll have to leave this one non-baby-proofed so you can have a place to play.

New accomplishments - You can drink out of a straw now and it makes getting you to use a sippy cup so much easier. You are perfecting the art of standing up and will stand without holding on to anything for a few seconds at a time now. You seem to get faster and faster crawling. The other night you followed me into the kitchen, I turned around and didn't see you. You had crawled into our bedroom and shut the door! Stinker! You still are testing out screaming. We are working on "no" but not sure we're getting anywhere.

Places you went - So we made up for not going anywhere last month this month. We met Nonna, Poppa, Uncle Daniel and Aunt April in Lewisville for Daniel's birthday lunch. Then the next weekend, you went on your first overnight sleepover. Mark and Brenda were heading to Marietta and offered to take you to see Nonna and Poppa for the night to give Mommy and Daddy a break and night out. I loaded you up and hugged you tight. Thankfully it was only like 28 hours your were gone cause I was so ready for you to get home. You had fun though with Nonna and Poppa and I think they enjoyed having you all to themselves for the day. Mommy did get lots done on Saturday while you were gone though. I ran errands and worked on shower stuff with Jami and cleaned. I was SO ready to see you when you got home. Then last weekend we met Aunt Tiff, Annette, Jessica and Sam in Ft. Worth to go wedding dress shopping for Tiffany. Note to self, don't ever go to David's bridal on a Saturday in Jan-April! It was C-R-A-Z-Y! We had fun though and got to meet Sam. You and Sam are going to be in Tiff's wedding so it was fun to see you guys play together.

Special Memories - Celebrating Daniel's birthday with him. You love your Uncle Daniel. Celebrating your first Valentine's day. You loved your giraffe and books. Your first overnight trip away from Mommy and Daddy. Meeting Sam for the first time. He may be bigger but you stood your ground. ha!

Its hard to believe in 2 months you'll be 1 year old. One year?! How is that already possible? I remember holding you at a few months old thinking how small you were and how much you couldn't do yet. You let me hold you, cuddle you, take lots of pictures of you and you didn't care. Now, life seems to start when you wake up and doesn't slow down until you go to bed at night. I do get a few cuddles and snuggles when you wake up and while you eat, but mostly you are too busy to want to be held. Its not a bad thing, just something I miss. When we take your weekly pictures, I have to take pictures quickly. I love how much you love to be on the move. It keeps Daddy and me on our toes. You love for us to chase you around the couch and into the kitchen. I love hearing your belly laugh when we catch you. You love it when Daddy picks you up and runs around silly with you.  You laugh with your tongue hanging out. It is the cutest picture and I love you and your Daddy more each time I see it. Please always know Daddy and I love you more than you know. We are praying for you daily, and know that God has some amazing plans for you. Can't wait to see you grow up, just not too fast!

Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

1st Valentine's Day

Helping Daddy open his Valentine

Reading with Daddy

Enjoying the nice weather

Love this little scrunched up face

Sam and Avery's first meeting

With Aunt Tiffers

Learning to share with Sam

Can't get enough of this little smile!

Mommy & Avery

Eating like a big girl

Her new face

Using her sippy

We love supper time!

Can't look at this without smiling!

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