Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9th Month Milestones - 2/4/11

9th Month Milestones - 2/4/11

Height - 27.5 inches

Weight - 15 lbs. 13 oz.

Sleeping - You usually go to bed around 8:00. You occasionally wake up once a night to eat. You usually take 2 maybe 3 naps a day. 1 long one (2+ hours), 1 medium one (1.5 hours) and somedays a short one (45 mins).

Eating - This month has been a month of change in your eating. You went from nursing/taking a bottle 6 times a day to usually 4.  You still love your baby food though - pretty much everything except peas.  You love Cheerios, puffs, apples, pears, and your cereal. The doctor said you could start eating pretty much anything off our plates so this upcoming month should be fun. Still no teeth. You pretty much gum most things to death.

New discoveries - You can pull up now and "walk" around stuff that you can hold on to. You also rediscovered your tongue and love to roll it or curl it up in your mouth. It looks hilarious! You've also started screaming. Sometimes it is when you are happy, other times when you want something, and a few times when you are mad. We've been working on "no" and what it means. Not sure it is doing any good though! lol! You've also started to be more interested in books and actually let Mommy read them to you (most of the time). You still prefer to use them as a chew toy, but we occasionally get in a full story. I love it and hope you grow to love books and reading.

New accomplishments - You can wave bye-bye and clap now. You have said "bye" a few times, along with "da-da" and an occasional "ma-ma" but nothing regular. That's ok though, I'm sure you'll be talking our ears off soon enough. You like playing patty-cake and love it when we say "yay!" you wave your hands in the air or clap them. It is too cute. You also learned to "touch the sky" or raise your hands above your head.

Places you went - I think this section might be better labeled "places you didn't go to." See we got snow/ice for 4 days this month. That meant for 4 days, Mommy, Daddy, and you were stuck at home. Mommy had to work from home, so for most of the time - you got to play with Daddy. You weren't too fond of the snow, but it was fun to bundle you up and take you out in it. What you really loved to do was to crawl up to the patio door, stand up and lick it. I'm really not sure why you loved it, it was literally freezing cold!

Special Memories - The Super Bowl was in town this month. You saw your first REAL snow and got iced in for 4 days. You learned to pull up and love to crawl up to us and pull up on our legs. Nonna and Poppa came to visit you. Bella, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Andrew came too. And just for memories, it was the coldest it has been in 15 years this month. I think the record was 14 degrees with wind chills in the negatives!

You have been on the move this month. We turn around for a second and you are somewhere else. It is fun, but is definitely keeping us on our toes. It was neat to see you experience snow for the first time. You weren't crazy about being out in it, but loved looking at it through the patio door. You love to scream now when you are excited and "touch the sky" when you are happy. I love seeing you grow and change, but sometimes I get sad that it is going by so fast. I know its supposed to be this way, but somedays I wish you could stay little. Little enough for me to cuddle you close while we rock before bedtime. Little enough to fly around like an airplane and mommy's arms don't hurt afterwards. I love you more than you know, baby girl! You even became a Daddy's girl the week we all were snowed in at home. Daddy joked that he loved you more than Mommy because Mommy wouldn't play with you. Ha! Mommy had the blessing/curse of having to work from home! All the same, I did love getting to be with you all day, even if Daddy was on duty.  Looking forward to the month ahead!
Love you baby girl!

~Mommy & Daddy

Eating puffs/cheerios


More fun

Nonna & Poppa came to visit


You preferred enjoying it from the inside. :)

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