Wednesday, March 24, 2010

32 weeks

So what have we been up to the past few weeks? A lot actually. As I mentioned in my last blog, our offer was accepted on our house the last week in February. I've been on "light duty" after a few higher blood pressure readings at my doctor's appointments. That means I work from home 2 days a week and in the office 3 days. It surprisingly has been a good arrangement so far. I'm so thankful I have an understanding boss and a flexible company that I work for. God is good!

Randy went home to Odessa a few weekends ago for Vito and Monique's wedding. I didn't make the trip. Didn't think I needed the extra stress of a 5-6 hour drive both ways at 31 weeks. :) But Tiffany came down and we packed up all (well almost all, I found more this weekend) of our books and pictures from our apartment. We also did a little bargain shopping for Avery's room. It's going to be cute!

Last week was spring break for Randy, so he was at home all week. I think he enjoyed the break, though by the time I got home each day he usually was stir-crazy and wanted to get out of the house. Thankfully, he had a few projects to work on and got to help some friends of ours move - so that released some of all the extra energy. Oh and on Thursday Daniel and April came down to visit us - which was so much fun and good for us to catch up. Saturday we went to Christine and Michael's wedding in Frisco. Who would have thought that we would have frigid temps in Texas on a March 20th wedding day?! Brr! It was cold, but the wedding was beautiful.

I don't know if this photo is as funny to anyone else, but Daniel never ever has his eyes open in 2 back to back photos. Somehow he managed in these! Guess he is practicing for the wedding.

I had my 32 week appointment on Monday and they did a sonogram to see how big Avery is and if my fluid levels were ok. Everything was good! Avery is measuring at about 4 lbs, and 16.75 inches long. The doctor estimated 7 lbs by the time she is born, but we'll see about that. I have heard those estimates can be way off. Mom came down and went to the appointment with me, so she got to see the sonogram too. My bp was still high at the appt but has been low at home, so the doctor said we would keep doing what we are doing, and take things a week at a time. I'm getting way too familiar with the doctor's office, but I'm not on bedrest so that is a blessing. I can handle light duty since it means a healthy Avery.

Mom and I this morning before she left.

Mom stayed through today and helped me around the apartment - packing and cleaning. We also did a little shopping and found Avery a dress for her Uncle Daniel and Aunt April's wedding. Isn't this adorable?

And here are the ones you all wanted to see (maybe, anyways!) My 30 and 32 weeks pics. Somehow I think I looked bigger in the 30 week one, but I really think it is the angle of the camera. Avery is definitely growing and my belly is showing it. If you look closely you can see my belly button sticking out at times. Randy gets the biggest kick out of it. Apparently when I laugh it pokes out more so he is constantly trying to make me laugh just so he can see it.


Amy said...

It is totally the shirt you are wearing that makes you look bigger, but DANG girl! You are big! And cute, of course!

I found the Daniel pic funny, too, as I know how hard it is to take a picture of him. That being said, if his eyes are as BIG in his wedding picture as they are in that first one, I'll be doing a little bit of Daniel-bootay-kickin. HA!

Lovin the updates, lovin your big belly, but canNOT wait to meet Miss Avery Marie and hold her in my arms!

The girls are sooooo excited and ask me (a LOT) when she will be here.

Love ya!

Candice said...

Rachel- I love your belly! Hope you are feeling good and pray that these are really happy days for you. Can't wait to see pics of your sweet little one. :)