Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This year we spent Memorial Day weekend in Odessa with Randy's family. Since Kristi and Andrew live in Tyler and were heading right past our apartment, and since they have the bigger vehicle, we all piled in after work on Friday and started our roadtrip to West Texas. After a stop in Weatherford for Rosa's (YUM!), it was back in the car and on the road again. Bella was such a good little traveler! She made it until about 9:30 or so and then fell asleep. But since she was in her car seat and probably not in the most comfortable sleeping position, she woke up an hour later. The rest of the trip was spent trying to keep all of us (minus Bella) awake. We got in late, and headed to bed. The next day we just relaxed and hung out. The girls went to Hobby Lobby (of course!) while the boys went and did manly stuff (not really sure what they did). Sunday we got to go to Sonia and Bruce's new church with them. It was really cool to see Brian's parents, Samye, and others who I know I should remember their names, but I don't! Sorry! We also got to meet a family who unknown to us would be moving to Arlington and coming to TCAL the week after we met them. You can check out their blog here:

After church came the fun stuff. The men decided to cut down the tree in Sonia and Bruce's front yard.

After the tree fell.

Randy working hard.

All the limbs and wood.

Andrew trying to work hard....he really did do more than sweep. :)

Bruce supervising....he did more than this too.

We also took Bella for her first ice cream while we were there.

She loved it! And sat like a big girl in her chair by herself the whole time.

We hung out and played games on Monday. It was nice to have a few days with no worries, stress, or work to think about.

Here are some other pics I took on the way home.

When you are driving 5+ hours with a 18-month old, you get pretty creative to entertain them.

She held my finger like this for the last 30 minutes of our drive to Dallas.

Proof I really was on the trip.

And proof that baby girl was so tired but just wouldn't fall asleep with us in the backseat:
This was the picture Kristi sent me 30 minutes after they left out house. Bella sound asleep with truck, Lily, Bunny, Bunny, and duck hidden somewhere under all that.

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