Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abby Grace!

Today is Abby's 5th birthday, so in honor of her day I searched through my pics online to find the earliest one I could of her and I (& Randy). Here is what I found:
These were from the summer of '05 when Randy & I took Abby to the Gainesville Zoo. She loved it! I know I have pics of us when she was younger but they aren't uploaded.

Here's to you Abby-girl! Your Aunt Rachel & Uncle Randy love you so much!


Rachel said...

Hi! I arrived at your blog through your comment posted on Mckmama's blog.... I just HAD to come see yours since my name is Rachel Marie too! (great name, huh?!) :)

Rachel Marie said...

It is! How cool is it that we have the same name (well first two anyways). Do you have a blog too?

Rachel said...

no, no blog.... :( I do have Facebook, if you have it, you can get to know a little about me and my family there! Just look up Rachel Ramirez.

Rachel Marie said...

Ok, so I searched for you on Facebook, but several came up. I'm going to give you my email and let you find me. Thanks!

Amy said...

I just saw this!!! You are so sweet. I remember this.

Waaahhh! She isn't my baby anymore!!!