Friday, March 27, 2009

KBug's robot

While Randy & I were dating and I was living in north Dallas, we became a part of the TCAL Launch team. TCAL (our church) is in Mansfield so the delimma of distance faced me each weekend. Add to that, Randy lived in Cedar Hill and it make it even more complicated. Thankfully Paul & Shannon invited me to stay with them on the weekend in their guest room. I became their "live-in, adopted, single daughter." I spent many a Saturday morning at Kayleigh's soccer games. Each weekend was a sweet time with them. I got to be apart of TCAL, see Randy more, and not have to drive so far on Sunday mornings for church. Paul married Randy & I and Shannon was our wedding coordinator. :) So when I found out Shannon & Kayleigh were struggling with a school project - I volunteered to help. Kayleigh had to build a robot that was at least 1 foot tall. It could move, have lights, and had to use 2 & 3 dimensional shapes (still not sure what other kind we could have used, but I digress). Monday night after work, I headed over and Shannon and I started brainstorming (Kayleigh was at soccer practice). I came up with the cool idea to make it look like a book with arms and a head. Shannon thought a dog-bot would be cute. Neither made the cut with Kayleigh though. We ended up making a good-ol'fashioned robot - complete with wires, tin foil, glue and antennae. It turned out really good. After we (Shannon & I) built the body, Kayleigh pretty much did the rest. We offered ideas and helped with the contruction of it - but it was Kayleigh who make the final decision on what it looked like. Isn't it cute? It's name is PT - and no it doesn't stand for anything.

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