Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where are you Christmas?

So sorry it has been a while since I posted. It has been a busy few weeks. Since I last posted, my parents and brother came down and spent the weekend with us, I finished up all my work for December, my division at my company was sold, and we drove to Odessa where we are currently spending Christmas. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. It was all fun (well minus the cramming of 2 weeks' work into 1) and completely worth it.

While my parents were here we did our family Christmas with them. We also went to the Gaylord Texan ICE Exhibit in Grapevine. It was really cool. There were ice sculptures of all shapes and sizes. I have pictures but since they are on our old camera, I haven't loaded them to the computer yet. So you'll have to take my word for it that it was cool. :)

I also found out last week that my division of the company I work for is being sold as of 1.1.09. What does that mean for me? I'm really not sure. The new company did offer me a job with them as of 1.1.09. However the company is based out of Massechusetts. Right now we don't know if they will keep us in Dallas, or move us somewhere else. We're just waiting to see how the transition goes. Thankfully, we are staying in the building we are currently in for the next 2 months.

And Odessa....we drove from Dallas to Odessa today with Kristi, Andrew, and Bella. We haven't spent a Christmas together with Randy's family ever, and so we all planned it this year so we could. The added bonus is Bella is 1 this year. She was the best little traveler today on our 5+ hour drive. She is just starting to walk and is a ton of fun to be around. I promise I will post lots of pictures when we get home.

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