Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you?

This post is more for my benefit, than anyone else's. I wanted to write down where I was 7 years ago today - what I was thinking and feeling. To remember more than anything. Remember that God was in control back then and He is in control now.

Seven years ago today, I was in my 4th week of college at ECU. I was living in the Pesagi Dorm and since it was a Tuesday and I didn't have class until 11, I was sleeping in. My suite-mate, Chandra came knocking on my door and said your mom just called and wants you to call her. I had a cell phone but I guess it was off or I didn't hear it. I called mom and she said turn on the TV. Something bad has happened in NYC. Chandra and I turned on the TV and we saw it - planes had struck the World Trade Center. We sat glued to the TV wondering what all this meant. Since I had an 11 am class, I left and walked up the hill to campus. As we sat waiting for our professor, you could feel an uneasiness about everyone. Dr. Burke ended up letting us go early and as I was heading back to the dorms, I heard everyone talking about how we needed to go get gas because of a possible shortage or lack of access to it. So I got in my car and headed to fill up. The whole town of Ada must have had the same idea - it took an hour to wait and fill up. As more info came available that day and in the days following, I knew the world as I knew it had changed. Some people blamed God, others said it was America's fault, and then others placed blame with foreign countries and terrorists who did not like America. But above it all, one thing remained true - God was in control. What happened to America and how we weathered this challenge was an opportunity for God to be glorified. There was a surge of patriotism in the days and months following. People proudly waved the America flag and more sidns of "In God we Trust" appeared.

As we think back to that day seven years ago, let's not take for granted the freedoms we have. Freedoms of being an American and freedoms we have in Christ. Both were bought with a price.

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