Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sarah W. tagged me so here goes:

10 Years Ago...I was in my Spring Semester of my Freshman year at MHS. I was in Choir, Student Council, involved in my youth group at church, and “going-out” with Jason Krohn – my first boyfriend. My best friends were Alison C. & Tiffany S. I was about to turn 15 and probably spent most weekends with my family and friends or doing stuff with my youth group. :) I had an exciting life….lol!

Things on my to-do list today:
  • Pick up our volunteer t-shirts…finally!
  • Finalize volunteers for Sunday.
  • Cook dinner for my hubby.
  • Hang out with Sarah, Rhett & Huddy….can’t wait!
  • Oh yeah, and finish my work (this should probably be #1).

What would I do if I became loaded:

  • Buy a house with a big backyard so we could get a dog (or two).
  • Pay off our debt.
  • Give money to our church and friends who are serving around the world.
  • Buy my hubby a truck so he wouldn’t have to drive the go-cart anymore.
  • Give money to my family and friends.
  • Take a trip to see the world.

Three of my bad habits:

  • Procrastinating on cleaning the apartment.
  • Trying to do things all myself.
  • Not exercising enough.

Five jobs I've had:

  • Babysitter/adopted “aunt”
  • Clerk at Marietta Pharmacy
  • Receptionist for Photographs by Lawrence
  • Student Tutor/Secretary at ECU Student Support Services
  • Accountant – Fossil, Inc. and now BancTec, Inc.

Five things people don't know about me:

  1. I almost never buy clothes for myself unless they are on sale. I just can’t justify spending $40 for a pair of jeans, when they are $25 when they go on sale. Thus I will wait until I know something is on sale to go buy it. My hubby loves me – I can find the bargains!
  2. I love shoes – going to Payless is a weakness for me. But then again, see #1, I won’t buy unless they are reasonable or on sale.
  3. I love routine – but I also love surprises. It drives Randy crazy! I want to be surprised, but I also drill him with questions about the surprise. I think it is the fun of the discovery.
  4. I hate driving in Dallas rush hour traffic – however I do it every morning and evening. Go figure!
  5. I am terrible about keeping up with family and friends. I can go 3-4 weeks without calling my own brother. I do call my parents more often. It is something I am working on.

I tag Janelle F., Laura H., Gilda S., Julie R., Kevyn Y., and Jami C.

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